Buddy + STEAM = New learning!

This afternoon we spent time with our Reception/Year 1 buddies!

Our goal was to support them in exploring a program on the laptops! We are a community of learners at Holy Family and want children to know they can learn with both peers and educators outside of their immediate classroom environment.

Our students are able to socially construct knowledge with the younger children and it is a wonderful experience to watch them learning and co-constructing together. Children are able to share their skills and expertise as well as develop responsibility, compassion and patience.

Children worked on different Scratch Projects, ActivInspire, Silk, iMovie and even created their own Dance Party! Take a look ūüôā We can’t wait to continue this next week!


Library – The Patchwork Bike

In today’s library session we read the book ”Patchwork Bike.” Klorence and Gabriella¬†read the story aloud to us. As a group we decided on three key ingredients to make reading aloud a success;

  1. Volume! Loud enough so people at the back can hear
  2. Expression! Changing our voice when different things happen
  3. Not covering our mouth with the book because it makes it harder to hear

This book is on the short list books for 2017. Before, during and after the story we shared our thoughts and reflections:

Before reading the story we produced what it might be about. We looked at the front cover and illustrations for clues;

Mohammad – The bike breaks so it keeps on making new ones

Steve – They carry heaps of things on it and then it breaks

Jess  РMaking a new bike out of different stuff

Hemen РHe joins a bike race and his own bike breaks down so he makes a new one

After reading the story we discussed whose prediction was the most accurate and what the moral of the story might be.

Lara РI think the story might be about reusing things and not acting spoilt

Akash – Yeah that’s true. I always update my bike but other things you might use like a soccer ball. You have to be grateful for things.

Jonas – I use the same Playstation without updating it!

After reading and critically questioning the story we borrowed our own books for the week. Some of us even decided to re-read the story for a further understanding.

My weekend plans

On Saturday I would go to math school then Viet school abfter that I would go home and prepare the food for sunday because we are having a party for moving into our new house. At 7 pm me and my family is going to church so on Sunday we don’t have to and stay home to set up the food. Then on Monday we would go to shopping then go home and relax.

long weekend plans

So today after school I am going to a party, and on Saturday I am going to pre-uni and after pre-uni I will just play and do some studies and yeah, on Sunday i will have a normal morning until 7 or so because India and South Africa are going to be versing each other by playing cricket and on Monday I don’t know what to do.

My Goals For Next Week


On Tuesday next week my goals are to get all my rotations done before we actually finish rotation time and that is for every  day of the week and also on Tuesday I hope to get my work other than the rotations because that would be great and that would also mean no home work at all and that is also for every day of the week and I will do that every day of the week other than Monday because that is a public holiday and we are possibly going out for dinner at a Chinese restaurant and mum loves Chinese so that will be my goals for next week and hope that I achieve them.

Also this month I might also be going up to Queensland for five days and will be able to see my best friend again and I might be having a party at her house and a sleep over and it should be great.


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Friyay June 9

Good morning Bloggers!

We have had a busy and productive week 6! 

Some of our Specks of Gold include;

  • Miss B – Visting the fish farm and listening to Mr. McCarthy update us about what is happening in there!
  • Dhyana – How to turn angles into percentages!
  • Victor – Going out for fitness!
  • Jacob¬†– I like Fridays because we get to finish all our work then sometimes have some free time!
  • Jess – My homemade cookies and sharing with friends!
  • Lara – We finally got to play handball!

Our individual blogs have a weekly reflection – feel free to check them out ūüôā