Positive and Healthy For Life!


In today’s fitness session Akash and Patrick set up a new game for us all to play.

The aim of the game was to stay on an island whilst sharks were trying to attack! If you stood on an island (coloured disc) you were safe from the dangerous sharks. The sharks could only attack (tag) when people were in the water swimming and not on an island. If you got caught by a shark you turned into one yourself and then had to try and catch people who were island hopping!

Steve shared the best way to win! – ‘When you are on your island and there’s two people looking around looking for someone and they run, then you tag them and they run away so you pretty much set them up to be touched by someone else. You have to get them into trouble to survive yourself!’

W7 Comprehension Task

Yesterday our group (group 4) had to do W7’s comprehension!!!

First we had to colour code a sentence that Mr.D Palma  or Miss B wrote. A different colour for each pointer, intensifier, describer, classifier, noun (thing) and qualifier. After that we had to think of at least 10 word intensifiers (the green ones were mine).

Lastly we had to write some sentences with the intensifiers included.

Week 7 noun groups!

This week for the noun groups we added an intensifier! We had to colour code the sentence on the first page. On the second page we had to think of our own intensifiers! Afterwards we had to make some of out own noun groups including a intensifier, this is mine!