Debating BEGINS!

Over the course of this term we have been perfecting our Persuasive Writing Skills! Today we again extended ourselves as we began preparing for our Group Debates!

We split ourselves into groups of 6 in which 3 students are affirmative speakers and 3 negative. Together groups chose a topic that they thought they could passionately argue. As a group we discussed things we might see and hear!

We then began planning and writing our arguments! It was important that both sides of the argument are unaware of the other people’s thoughts to make the debates interesting and more realistic!


Next lesson we will work towards making our arguments sound super professional through specific language!!

Literacy rotation!

Today we did literacy rotation and my task was to do reading response and you ha d to read a book and do a activity but including something about the book. I did the activity where you had to remake a burn of the book but trying not to look at the actual blurb and here’s how mine turned out.