Country Landmarks + ICT!

This afternoon we thought deeply about special landmarks famous in countries we investigated for our Inquiry!

Some of us shared what we thought a famous landmark might be before we looked at an example;

Akash – Something that the country has that no other country has!

Darcy – People visit there! Like the Eiffel Tower

Justin – Statue of Liberty

Together we brainstormed what sorts of programs we could use to design the landmark;

Next it was up to us to decide which program we would like to use and represent the landmark in our own unique ways! We have some incredibly talented ICT users in this class, take a look at our efforts!

Library Week 7!

Do you know why Friday’s are extra special????

Because we get to visit the library!!!! Today, as a group, we read the book ‘Home in the Rain’. Jonas, Alex and Justin kindly read the story aloud to us. It was a fitting story as we looked outside to see rain!

This book is on the short list books for 2017Before, during and after the story we shared our thoughts and reflections:

Before reading the story we predicted what it might be about. We put on our detective hats and looked at the front cover, illustrations and the title itself for clues;

Jacob –  A rainy day and lonely people. Maybe one house in the rain?

Kuot– Rainy day like today!

Akash  – The people want to go outside and play but they can’t play because it is raining and they’ll find something fun to do inside

Pat – Maybe their house got flooded and they have to escape by the car

After reading the story we discussed our predictions and what the complication of the story was.

Monica – Francis is trying to find a name for her little baby sitter and they call her Grace

Pat –A family coming from their grandma’s house driving home in the rain

Tam-An – They were stuck finding a name for their sister. Sometimes that can be hard!

After reading and critically questioning the story we borrowed our own books for the week.

It is super important that we are reading our books each day at home as we use these as part of our ‘Reading Response’ activity during Literacy Rotations.

in the weekend…

on the weekend im going to the ice arena for Gem’s 11 birthday party with Tammy,Tam-an and a few of her family members.


my specks of gold first speck of gold was having a fest with my friends for Gem’s 11th birthday

2. my second speck of gold was doing skipping with my friends for fittness third speck of gold was going shopping with my mum because i saw lots of my cousins that i haven’t seen for a really long time.

In the weekend/specks of gold

In the weekend Tammy, Tam-An, Hemen and a few of my other family friends are coming with me to the ice arena to go ice skating for my birthday.  And on Saturday the ice skating starts at 12:30pm-2:00pm, since Tammy, Tam-An, and Hemen how to ice skate.

My specks of gold from the week was when me and the #Savage’s had a feast for my birthday, in the morning I ran to IGA to buy some snacks for the feast, we finished the food really fast probably because I bought really good food<3  so I am really looking forward  to going ice skating with my friends.

Week 7 Reflection Gabby

Today was R/1MS & R/1AM’s assembly. It was about the Sea and they were very creative about it. They went to the fish farm and they helped Mr. Mcarthy decorate a wall that was going to go up. I really enjoyed the assembly because it was full of thought and they did such a good job on it, it was even funny at some bits. I thought that they were going to read a book about the sea because at the start of the slideshow, it had a book on there, but turns out that they didn’t read it. They talked a lot about the sea and they even did this little dance that was sooo cute!!! Their prayer was also really creative. It even had a response, which only happens in masses. My favourite bit of the assembly was the dance because there were some super funny bits! There was a girl that did a cartwheel, so I think that bit was freestyle?? The had a video that their buddies, 5/6MN helped them with drawing their favourite animal from the sea. I wish I could do that because I like hammerhead sharks, I even have a fish that looks like a hammerhead shark ( the real name is a celestial fish). The little kids had soo much confidence in them, their even more confident than me! Assembly’s are really interesting because you don’t know what’s going to happen next, it’s like you’re in cinemas, you don’t know what’s going to happen in the movie ( ooh, soo exciting). I thought that I would be in the new national anthem because they film a video of heaps of clips and they put it together to make a new one ( I guess that they haven’t finished yet) It is so fun to be apart of a assembly even though my next assembly is going to be in term 3, with our buddies and I am soo excited to watch my sister’s assembly, it is about their chicks and they are really fluffy and I think that I’m going to be in that new anthem by then? The R/1’s are really cute when they get up on stage, they just do stuff to just try to entertain people and I think it works. I am looking forward to another assembly because their one is soo funny. What I’m planning to do on the weekend is I’m obviously going to Vietschool, my mum said that I’m eating pho today and I’m super excited because it’s homemade. I don’t really know what’s going to happen in the weekend but I know that I’m having another test for Vietschool! My speck of gold for this week is making my box for the egg drop, seeing my awesome friend, congratulating her for athletics and getting closer to camp!!! ( sooooooo exciting). When I go to camp, I’m going to sleep with my friends, do lots of fun activities and obviously having a great time. Congrats for althletics  runners because our school came third! and congrats to our soccer players because they won!

Fun Friyay June 16!

Good morning bloggers!

Congratulations to the Holy Family Soccer Knockout Team who are through to the next round after defeating Mawson Lakes yesterday!
A big congratulations to those students who have handed up their Country Inquiry today as it was due! We are super proud of your time management skills and work ethic that you have used to have it completed in time. The teachers can’t wait to read these inquiries. Keep up the good work!
Mr. DePalma is away sick today we wish him a speedy recovery! 
We have had a another super busy and productive week please have a look at our individual blogs for specks of gold! 🙂