Recycling Challenge!

As part of an Ecology Challenge to kick start some initiatives around the school, today we investigated Recycling in the school and better ways to do it.

We are designing a new fun recycling system that could be used around the school that targets 1 stream of waste, ie food scraps, or 10c recyclables. Lots of classes around the school are doing this this so we will get the chance to vote on the designs and submit our favourite to Mr White, Mr Slater and Miss Martin for judging.

After some winners have been found, they will actually be made and put to use in the school. As an added bonus there will also be a prize/prizes for the best class/individual student designs. 

Today we began the initial stages of brainstorming ideas and the planning/designing process!

We have some awesome ideas in the mix!

Patrick wants to make some bins with a basketball hoop on there but have the chance for all kids to get it in every time!

Jonas and Justin want to colour code the bins to famous faces! E.g. The blue bin will be a mini elmo.

Tam-an, Tammy, Gem and Hemen are having doubt themed bins!!!

Mason, Vu and Victor are using Skee Ball to encourage Recycling! There’s different points for different things.

Keerat, My and Nathalie are going to use specific jumbo foods for different bins. Like a jumbo chip packet for General Waste!!

Zack, Paul, Dom, Christian and Kuot are going to use a spinning well for bottle caps!

Kloe and Gabby will use gigantic jumbo pencils with lead that opens up for rubbish!

Aaliyah and Kasharna are using giant eggs!

Darcy, Dom and VT designed robots for recycling.

Jacob, Akash, Mohammad and Steve are using basketball guernseys to entice recyclers!

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