Weekend Reflection

On Saturday I stayed home did the laundry, watch Netflix, watch youtube, played games, called my friends and I did my maths homework. So on Saturday I usually do nothing all I do is stay home. On Sunday I would usually go somewhere with my mum and dad. On Sunday we went to St Kilda to have a picnic there. After that, we went back home and I had to do the laundry again because we needed clothes for school the next day. At 6 something my mum planned on going to restaurants because it was my birthday on Monday and both my parents were busy on Monday and they didn’t have time to celebrate my birthday. We went to Sushi train and I was full of sushi. I was so full of food that I couldn’t even walk back to the car because I was so full. At sushi train, I ate a lot because all the sushi there were all so yummy and delicious. After sushi train me, my mum and my sister went back because we had school the next day and I had to sleep early. My mum gave me $20 for my birthday. When we came back home we realized my dad wasn’t at home so we thought he went somewhere too. My mum called him and asked where he was and he said he was at the city eating at a restaurant. My dad came back home at 11 something while I was sleeping. On Sunday I was also calling my friends, watching youtube and playing games.

Weekend Reflection

On Saturday I had to wake up early because I had to go to someone’s funeral she passed away I think on Wednesday, after that I went to math school and Viet school. I went home at 4:15pm when I got home I chilled for a while then I went to singing practice at church, I didn’t have to eat dinner because they had food at church. On Sunday I went to church in the morning after church I had to go to concert practice I was in the acting group, my act was about Mr Bean losing he’s teddy. I went home at 12:00pm when I got home I had lunch, I didn’t get any free time because I had to help my mum make this food that I don’t know the name of we had to make it for a party. Then at 6:00pm we went to the party there were so many people there and so many yummy food. But before we could eat the adults had to do important stuff that we kids find boring, the kids had to be quite but it was impossible to be quite so every 10 minutes an adult would come and tell us off that we were too loud.

my weekend

I had a really fun weekend because my brother slept at someone house for the hole weekend and on Saturday I had gymnastics in the morning and after that I went shopping at Elizabeth shopping centre and I went to Rebel sports and got two new nike tops then I went to Supre and got really pretty workout pants and then on Sunday  me and my cousin went to the temple to celebrate the lao King’s birthday and we took a group photo and we are sending it to the lao community council and we ate a lot of yummy food there and it was really fun.After that I went shopping with my Aunty and I brought a bag of my favourite pork floss. When I got home me and my mum did some baking and she brought a new face mask so we used it and had a little movie night and it was so fun. Next weekend I have my gymnastics companions coming up and I’m so nervous and existed at the same time because I’m versing 6 other gym clubs and then next next weekend I’ve got championships also coming up but I’m just going to try my best and that is all I can do.

Literacy Rotation Week 2

This week’s Literacy Rotations are open ended activities which focus on using and developing skills of;

  • Reading for meaning
  • Critical thinking
  • Creative ideas
  • Acquiring content knowledge and expressing ideas and opinions through writing.

Visual Literacy: Open Ended Writing Prompts:

Comprehension Task: World Chocolate Day Friday July 28

Comprehension The History of Chocolate-uoyorm

Reading Response Activities: 

Term 3 Reading Response Activities-294dhw7

Guided Reading with Teachers

School Photo Time!


School Photos will be taken on Tuesday 22 August (week 5). Order forms will be available to give out to the students in your class through the message boxes today. Please ensure that envelopes returned are sent to the front office as you receive them to avoid holding money in your classroom.

Envelopes to order Family Photos are available from the front office.  This year, family photos will be taken first from 8.30am.

We also have spare envelopes at the front office if any of your students need a replacement one.

Students will need to be wear the correct WINTER uniform (not PE uniform) for school photos.  A schedule with the time allocated for your class will be sent out closer to the date.


Library Week 1

In today’s library session together we we read the Story Mechanica!

We were welcomed into to future Earth. This beautiful picture book, created by Australian illustrator and author Lance Balchin, is an encyclopedia of Mechnica creatures with a fictional narrative. We were introduced to various different future species to inhabit the earth!

Last term we read a variety of different books, shown below. Today we had to vote for the Children’s Picture Book of the Year. We discussed what made one book more enjoyable than the other including story line and diagrams!

The winner is to be announced on Book Week!