Our Last Day of Term 3!

Today we celebrated the Moon Lantern Festival with an incredible assembly thanks to Miss Moore, Miss Adams  and the EAL team! We were treated to seeing the history of the festival, the real-life dragon and even participated in a yummy shared lunch! We ended the day and our term 3 with some game time in class and outside to make sure got some Vitamin D for the day!

Have a happy and safe holiday break! Enjoy the Grand Final!

FriYAY September 29!

Just like that our Term 3 has come to a close!

A term full of new and exciting learning adventures – we look to the holidays to refresh our minds and bodies for a successful and eventful Term 4!

We will resume school Monday October 16 and Tuesday October 17 is a casual day in exchange for a Plant for Spring Fair. 

Please note the following School Closures for Term 4. These are the only closures for the 2017 School Year.

  • There will be no half day closure at the end of Term 4 in 2017.
  •  School Closure Friday 20 October. Staff Professional Learning and Staff setting up for the Spring Fair on Sunday 22 October;
  • School Closure Tuesday 7th November. Staff attending International Re-Imagining Childhood Conference, Convention Centre, Adelaide.
    OSHC will be open on these dates. Please book soon.

We wish you all a happy and safe holiday break! 

Shared Lunch & Dress!

Reminder about our shared lunch tomorrow to celebrate Moon Lantern Festival.

Please bring in a plate of food from your culture to share with us. We will also be dressing up in either cultural dress or in red clothing!

We are looking forward to this day 🙂

NOTE: The canteen will NOT be taking orders tomorrow.


Padlet Reflecting :)


This morning we took the time to reflect on our Term 3. We used a website called Padlet which allows people to add comments to an open page. Individually we added our own highlight/speck of gold for the term.  As we added our own thoughts, we could simultaneously see those of our peers. 

Take a look at our online reflections!