Supporting Info Reports in R/1

This afternoon we visited R/1JM & R/1RV to work together on writing Animal Information Reports. This is a new type of writing for the students in reception/year one whereas we studied this genre last term. Title and Contents page were our focus today.

Our students are able to socially construct knowledge with the younger children and it is a wonderful experience to watch them learning and co-constructing togetherChildren are able to share their skills and expertise as well as develop responsibility, compassion and patience. 

We ended the day together moving our bodies and soaking up the Vitamin D on the oval! 

Thanks R/1JM,RV we hope to visit again soon 🙂

Holy Family Coffee!

As a provocation we asked the children to create labels for the Holy Family organic coffee that we will be selling to families.
The sales from the coffee will go into funding the future ‘Naturally Smart’ ecological project for our students next year.

We had some students using various programs on the laptop to design and others free-drawing 🙂






Aaliyah H



Dom M


Science Inventions: Step 2

This afternoon we continued work on our invention inquiries. Our focus questions this week is;

Explain if there was a need for this invention and what that need was or if it was totally by accident or perhaps it was invented before there was a need. (due week 3 Friday min 150 words)

Dom Ventra shared with us that they used intestines for soccer balls many years ago!

Victor let us know that Steve Jobs worked with technicians to make the iPhone.

Did you know that the eraser was originally made from breadcrumbs? – Justin

Literacy Rotations Week 3!

Our Literacy Rotations for Week 3 focus around current events! 

Comprehension – BTN: Holden’s Closing Down

BTN – Holden Closure-27zsnfq

Word Task – Report Reflections! 

Student Report Reflections 2017 S2-ypjtt8

Guided Reading – Halloween Themed!

Reading Response 

T4 Reading Response Activities-vzqdti

My Weekend

On the weekend I played futsal that is indoor soccer we played a girls team and won 19-1 it was a thrashing I scored 3 my friend scored 7 and the others got more I had to be goalkeeper which was boring did not get 1 shot at me I had a shot from goalkeeper I went up for a corner yeah. On Sunday I went to a Halloween thing where you go to different both each both had a lollie and chocolate then 1 both scared the crap out of me there was this tall guy he was talking and yeah it was at the old Adelaide jail it showed the cells where they stayed and showed there rooms they had all writing on there their  was a truck on there on the board it said death then it showed the bricks that they used to dig in to. It was a good weekend.

My weekend

On the weekend I went shopping with Tam-An to buy all the things that we needed for Halloween school cooking thing, we bought a lot of things, after we went to buy all the things we needed we went around Hollywood plaza finding random things to buy, we bought stuff like slime mesh balls and things I don’t know what there Called, then on Sunday I went to church at 11:30 and then after church my family and I went to KFC to eat and after we ate my sister and I went into our rooms and played on our devices and also after at 6:00 my family came over to eat and we also played wrestling it was really fun.

What I did on the weekend

On the weekend I played a lot of G mod also known as Garry’s mod and when I mean a lot of Garrys mod I mean a lot I so far have 24 hours Garrys mod now but Justin has over 1,000 hours which is insane but Justin got bored and played H1Z1 which was cool with me and Victor mean while when Justin was playing H1Z1 me and Victor were messing around with the face poser in Garrys mod which can make funny faces like this. V SUCH BEAUTIFUL,


me and Victor made him it was Amazing and also me and Victor made a base that Justin could never get into out of ragdolls, mattresses and combine mines (combine mines=flying mines that can detect you if your on top of it) and me and Victor legit basically made a normal Caravan home it was complete with a couch, fridge and even a TV it was Amazing 🙂


Marvellous Monday October 30!

Welcome to Week 3!

This week 5/6DE will be busily preparing for their Buddy Assembly in Week 4.

Students in 5/6IB are asked to bring in their materials for their Halloween buddy activity tomorrow (Tuesday).

This morning students have the option of beginning the day completing a SODA or Weekend Blog Post.