Fantastic Friday!!

Welcome all. Here is what is happening today…..

……we welcome back the other Miss B, Miss Booth, whilst Miss Battifuoco is away. 

9:00  Assembly

10:00  PAT tests…. new laptops given out


Library DE/ ILT time IB

Library IB/ ILT time DE


D/T- designing our inventions and making





Today many students leanred a new concept in maths called BEDMAS. It is about doing calculations in a certain order. Brackets, Exponents, Division, Multiplication, Addition and Subtraction.

Students challenged themselves by working through the problems. some noticed some interesting patterns.

Zack: you have to do division before multiplication


My: Do multiplication before addition


Christian: subtraction always goes last.

The Red poppy- library book

This book made us think about who are our enemies and are they really enemies….. It is a book about war and remembrance day is tomorrow. Poppies grew in fields that were ravaged by war. They are a pretty resilient flower.

Even though someone is your enemy, in times of need they can be your….Thien An

You can resolve your conflicts by talking instead of having war….Keerat

No one is your enemy….Darcy

Enemies can become friends….Paul

We Shouldn’t have wars because it will just cause more wars and heartache…Annalise

I thought the fighters on both sides were enemies but not enemies at the same time...Kasharna