STEAM- exploring the fish farm- turning yabbies blue!

Today our classes visited Kuyangani – a place where fish meet. This is part of the school’s STEAM program and our classes began a science experiment in groups.

Our classes were given the provocation of how to turn yabbies blue from Mr Mc Arthy.

We had some interesting hypothesies:

Keerat: Use blue stones and clear water in their environment

Zack: use blue food colouring in their water and food pellets

Jemma: use hard water and clean water. Hard water is water with lots of minerals in it.

Dyhana: to keep them in fresh water so they can go blue and keep the tank vibrant blue

Darcy’s group: change the temperature of the water they live in. Warm the water.

Paul and Steve: pump blue food colouring into the food pellets.

Paris: Use freezing cold water. (Although we found this just puts them to sleep)

Olek: we think that to turn a yabbie blue we would need to feed it an old exoskeleton from a blue cray.