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I Had The Best Birthday Ever!!

My Week/Weekend – Aaliyah H

Tonight – Tonight is the Semaphore Twilight Market and my mum has a stall and because we have to get there at 3:30 she has take us, Her friend from school and netball has Oil Diffusers and my mum makes Beaded chains for them and so Hayley comes too (to help also) And Bec another one of my Mum’s friends from netball and school is coming to help and so because Hayley is going her children Nevada and Mahli have to come too. The plan is to go home to my place and Hayley will follow us home and load everything into her car with the back seats down and all the kids will pile into my Mum’s car and we will drive to the Market and set everything up i will help set up the gazebo with the sand bags and the fairy lights and then we will set everything else up and all the kids will hide under the table with a picnic blanket and blankets and maybe pillows and jackets and our iPads and food and we will just stay there the whole time.

Saturday – Usually I would play a netball but we have a bye because we won the final and we finished second on the leader board and so we went strait into the grand final so we only play next week (the grand final). In the afternoon we are going to a old school friend/netball friends birthday party at the Aquadome (i think thats what its called..) and Bella and Monica are going too. That night we are going to a family friends place called Steve and our other family friends are coming Scott and Marissa and their children Josh and Makayla and Steve’s children Hayley and Sienna and all his other volleyball friends and friends are going to his place for his birthday and we are just going over there for a hang.

Sunday – On Sunday it’s an early morning and we are off to Santa’s Wonderland for our Santa photos and to hang out and do things there and we went last year and we had so much fun i cannot tell you how much fun we had but this year we get food this time (:D) after we leave i am not sure what we are doing so i hope it is relaxing though.

That Christmas Feeling – Aaliyah H

The story we were reading in library was called That Christmas Feeling and it is about a girl named Dotty and her dog Shortbread and i would love to share some of the book with you!!

Dotty wanted to feel the feeling of Christmas the giggly and fizzy feeling. Her mum and dad were away so she had to stay with her grandma and grandpa and they were making Christmas pudding, but at home they all took on turns stirring and making a wish but it wasn’t the same at her grandparents house. Dotty couldn’t feel the Christmas feeling at all because she was missing her parents but Gem tried to make it work but Dotty only could feel it the tiny bit. When her parents came she said they were just in time for Christmas but her dad said because they missed making pudding and going to the park and going to see the carols that it wouldn’t feel like Christmas at all but Dotty looked around and saw that the twinkling stars and the tree and her family and she said “no it feels like Christmas still,”


Now my family has a tradition of a elf on a shelf comes called Elfie (we named her) and today she came back from the north pole to watch us until Christmas eve when Santa picks her up and today she was in her little spot and i have picture she does all this crazy stuff and last year she shaved half my Dad’s beard off and drew on my Mum’s head it was funny.


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My School Excursion/Weekend – Aaliyah H

Wow Did I Have A Really Busy Weekend!

Friday School Excursion:

On Friday was our School Excursion and we went to Semaphore Beach

My Group was Group 1 and I was with Monica and Trinity, The first activity we did was Fishing I caught nothing but I gave it a try I just didn’t know how to throw my line in I tried but both my bait flung off the hooks… After Fishing it was recess so we went and had Recess. Our next activity was Sandcastle Competition and I swear we won compare to Trinity’s and Keerat’s Sandcastle by a mile ours was a really traditional Sandcastle (Pictures Of Ours Included) After that our activity was the beach sports and Monica and I were playing with the gloves and ball that stick to each other and then Domenic M wanted to play so we played Piggy in the middle with it and then Christian and Olek wanted to play so we had Three Piggy In The middles at once and then we were just playing around and found those clear jelly looking slugs and we were finding as many as we could. Then we had to empty our shoes and wait for the bus on the grass and then we went back to school and came home.


Friday Night Netball Presentation:

On Friday Night It Was Our Netball Presentation

We got Dressed and waiting for my Dad to get home and went to the Presentation and we danced and they brought around food and we went and got drinks and then it was the Presentation and I got a trophy and I also won Coaches Award which I personally think it is the best award. After that we kept on dancing until we found out it was 10 o’clock and went home and strait to bed.


Saturday Netball Game (Spoiler We Won When We Were Tired):

On Saturday It Was Our Netball Games

We got up and ready for netball and then we went to netball we played amazing and they were fast tall and had strong passes but we pushed harder and went faster and they couldn’t keep up with us in the end I got in a ton of goals and the score was 9 – 10 our win and after we won we all got ice blocks and Alora doesn’t like ice cream so she got a push pop and after we finished our ice blocks Imogen asked her mum for $5 and then she asked for and extra $1 so she had $6 in total and we both got a push pop and because Bella and Alora were talking about Ring Pops before we left we got Bella a Ring Pop and then we sat and watched the siblings game.


Sunday Chill Out At Home:

On Sunday We Stayed At Home And Went To The Shops

We Woke up and Mum was getting ready for the semaphore market because she has a stall there for her beaded stuff (her online store – https://www.etsy.com/au/shop/RoseAndLilyStudio?ref=l2-shop-info-name ) And so we watched some TV and Dad cooked us pancakes for breakfast and then we got ready for the shops and then we left and went to TTP (tee tree plaza) and got Cierra some new netball shoes because they don’t fit her anymore. After the sports shop we went to Charlesworth and got somethings for Mum somethings for Me and Somthing for Cierra (nothing for poor Dad). After that we hopped into the car and drove to Woolworths and my dad likes to go to the Mawson Lakes one because he goes there and he knows where everything is. So after we went home and just relaxed for the rest of the afternoon.