At the assembly i liked how they used scrabble to do the activities and also i liked how they did the part where the buddy said something about there buddy and the year 5 people said something about there buddy  also i liked how they did they talents and how they got every one do to something in the assembly and also i liked how they did the song at the end and every one and also how they included the log park  and i liked how the two teachers were gone doing skiing and then all the people from the assembly just thought of something to do so they played scrubble and made words like kindness and origami and it was funny how the words were coming of the bored and every one noticed and my favourite part was how they shod people piking up the rubbish and how they showed someone helping someone.

my week

this week me and 3 others at recess and such we made a big house on Minecraft it took us 3 days and we just finished  the 2nd story and that was my speck of gold on the weekend my soccer team is having a match against parahills west the first time we had a match against them we lost 5-1 and it was really hard to beat them and on Saturday we have a movie night with the soccer team we are watching the lego batman and gladly i haven’t watched it yet also this week       i have learned good maths shapes can tessellate and how some other ones can’t and also I’m getting closer to to finishing my book in class