Outdoor classroom day!!!!!

Yesterday, we had Outdoor classroom day, it was really fun overall but my 3 favourite activities were first of all footy, netball and hockey.Footy was my favourite because it was just so fun playing with new people and just playing again after the footy carnival. I loved playing forward because I am loved kicking the ball into the goals and I did kick into the goals few times. Netball was another activity we did, it was really fun playing this too, also seeing boys play was really cool. I played WA (wing attack) all I had to do was give the ball to GA and GS (goal attack and goal shooter) because both of them could shoot we won by one point because we scored 3 and they scored 2. After that we played hockey, it was my first time playing though I did really good as my first time. We had some warm-ups in the starting and after that, we played two games, shark and red rover. Shark was my favourite game because you had to protect your ball form two or three people, I lost the first two games then after that I was the last person standing so I won that game, and in the red rover I got out in the first round. We also had nature scavenger hunt, it wasn’t my favourite because it was quite boring because all you had to do is find stuff for an hour.

My math!

This time in math, we had to find what the chances are of getting triples. Well when we found out there were 6/216 or 1/36 chances of getting a triple. I also found out the more spinners you have the total number of combinations gets multiplyed by 6 because the spinner has 6 parts on it.

My weekend!

On Saturday, I went to Pre-uni in the mourning, i stayed there for an extra 15min becaus my dad was running late, and while i was waiting someone from year 5 gave me a giant Kit Kat. After that I went to Subway with my dad because I had dance in half an hour. When I reached dance the younger group was still da`ncing so i got to watch their top secret performance, well i always do. When it. was time for me to dance I was getting my drink bottle out and realised that the slime that i had got opened and went everywhere in my bag. When i reaced home i cleaned my bag and took all the rubbish out and just made it a bit more orginized. Then i had dinner and just watched my ipad and went to sleep.

On Sunday, I had to wake up early because one of our friends invited us to the temple, so we went there. It was so hot in the mourning and over that my mum made me wear a warm “thing”. When we reached there we had to stay there for a bit and eat food so we did. When we were coming back home my sister and I got into a fight, she hit me in the face on my nose and it hurt so bad also my nose started bleeding. When we reached my friends house I was all alone. Then we went home I changed into some cooler clothes and went to my mums work place. Then my dad came to pick us up and we went to cha time. When we reached home my dad invited my uncle and we watched INDIA VS AUSTRALIA cricket match. After that I ate food and went to sleep.


I wonder….

What are neighbors?


well, I think everyone is our neighbor, our friends, strangers, even people we meet on the street but never talk to them, a person you are concerned about. Someone that i care for, such as the people at school, even though i dont know them i will help them.



I wonder, where did all the planes and ships go in the Bermunda Triangle?

I wonder, when the world will end?

I wonder, if we have a future? and if we do, do we have time machines?

I wonder, is there a “heaven” for animals, like pets? dogs and cats, horses, etc?

I wonder,is the next stage of human evolution going to be able to link telepathically and be able to connect with aliens?

I wonder, what would it be like to travel into space?

I wonder, what would happen to our spirt after we die?

I wonder, is the universe actually  infinite?

I wonder, how much wondesr we have?

I wonder who my ancesters were?

I wonder how much countries i am from

I wonder what i will do in the future?

I wonder how this world was made?

I wonder how plants are there are in space?

I wonder what is the biggest black hole in the universe?

I wonder what would happen to us if went into a blackhole?

I wonder what is the longest time someone has not went to sleep?

I wonder how big it would be if we lined all the money we have all around the world?

I wonder are aliens real and if they are, are the gonna ever come to earth and meet us?




my weekend!

On Saturday I had a normal day, I went to pre-uni in the morning and after that, i went home and did absolutely nothing just watched my laptop, after that my sis and I started watching some random shows on the tv. After that, i had dinner with my sister and  dad, when we finished our food we went inside and went to sleep, but since my mum wasn’t home (still at work) I couldn’t go to sleep so I just went on my iPad and when my mum reached home I went to sleep.

On Sunday, I woke up at 1 pm cause I was so tired, and after that, i went outside and started kicking some soccer balls. When I came inside my mum had made pancake for my sister and me. Just before I was about to eat, my mum told my to on a movie on Netflix, I oned dinosaur island it was about two kids who land on a mysterious island… When we were about to eat we realised there was no Nutella left to put on the pancake so we just put maple syrup and my sister put m&ms on her pancake. After that, we had to stop the movie halfway because we had to go my mums work place because my dad was still at work and my mum had to go to work too. Just before my mum went to work she had to pick a girl up that worked with her and then we went to the temple. when we reached my mums work only my sister and me got to sit in the main office (my mums) after that my dad picked us up we went home and relaxed.


Todays assembely was really good, i really liked the concept and theme. The assemblys strating was my favourite how the welcomed us in  aboriginal way and showed us some aboriginal stuff also the theme of the future really amazed me. The information the had and the way of presenting. The concept was really good because i really like how they showed us what the kids wanted to by and presenting it that way.