Magical Monday August 21 – Week 5

Good morning all! Welcome to Week 5!Ā 

We have nearly already hit the half way mark of the term! This week Mr. DePalma is away from school as he gets his wisdom teeth out – good luck Mr. D! We welcome Mrs S. into our learning space for the week and are looking forward to some new and exciting learning.

SCHOOL PHOTOS ARE TOMORROW! All students required to be in full winter uniform! As our classes have their PE lesson tomorrow, they are encouraged to bring their sneakers for the lesson and then change back into full school uniform for the photos.

This morning we reflected on our weekend specks of gold on our individual blogs! Some of these included;

  • Miss B – Watching Port win a close football match!
  • Paul – Sydney beating the Crows!
  • Trinity – Getting my apple watch!
  • Aaliyah H – I was sadly sick the whole time šŸ™
  • Monica – We had cake for my step brothers birthday!
  • Justin – I finished my running animation!
  • Mason – I scored two games!
  • Lara Ā – My test results came back at Viet school.
  • Alex – I scored a goal! 1-0
  • Jonas – I watched the Man U Game!

Our Literacy Rotations for this week are as follows;

Comprehension is a BTN story based on Robots! This requires students to use their critical thinking skills to view and comprehend a story.

BTN-robot jobs -2gzoxi7

Reading Response Activities are open ended and responses can be completed in any forms the students wish, using their 100 languages.

Term 3 Reading Response Activities-295hbnx

Our Word Task for this week extends on last weeks Homophone work.

Our Guided Reading Sessions with the teacher are a time for students to practice their reading aloud skills, focussing on aspects like expression and fluency!

Today and throughout this week we will also extend our learning surrounding Volume and Capacity. We will be engaging in various different investigations to strengthen our understanding of formulasĀ and how to findĀ specific features.Ā 

As a group we re-capped what we knew about volume and surface area including how to calculate each.

Akash’s Problem Solving:

Trinity using her math book to show working out:

This afternoon we began work on a new and exciting task…


We put on our ‘Steve Jobs’ hats and got thinking of what we already know!

There was some interesting and creative conversation surrounding our apps!

Alex – “My app will have different columns and then you can check any single sports score live.”

Christian – “We will stream games live!”

Jess – “Ours will have lots of different Asian Cooking recipes”

Mason and Victor – “Like BTN said this morning, in the future there will be a lot of robots. Our app will let you control the robot from your iPhone.”

Jonas and Nathanel – “Ours will be like NFL Live, there will be different codes and sports and results but we want it just for American Football.”

Annalise – “Ours is like a mixture of all different social medias.”

Vu – “Ours is like an eskimo rush! You have to get away from them.”


Justin and Vu:

Mohammad and Pat:

Group 4 Guided ONLINE Reading

Today’s Guided Reading Group 4 completed some online reading! Together we looked at some breaking news…

We read about the Life of Betty Cuthbert and how much of an Australian Sporting Icon she was.Ā We think it is important to be aware of special Australian Athletes in Sport who have shaped the landscape in our country.

There were a few different activity options to choose to reflect on our reading! Take a look at some of our critical reflections.


Our social and emotional wellbeing is just as, if not more, important than our physical health. Ā This afternoon we spent some time reflecting on what it means to be HAPPY! We looked at examples of scripture in which Jesus was happy and how he expressed happiness to others.

John 3:18 Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth.

Darcy – ‘It means you can’t just say things you have to show it too.’

Arthi – ‘You can show people you love them by actually doing things.’

We then had to investigate what happiness and wellbeing meant to us, and what REALLY makes us happy! We also began work on a happiness guide. We will use and reference these when we feel escalated, sad, emotional, negative, angry etc.

Justin responded by creating his own happiness animation!!


Guided Reading Onion Tears?!

Onion Tears WHAT!?

This was Group 3’s response to our new book we are reading!

We discussed and predicted what we think the story might be about before we started reading! We used the front cover as a clue!

Jonas – She cuts and onions and gets tears

Nam – She chops onions and then she cries or maybe she names a swallow an onion

Dhyana – She leaves onions like tears of sadness

Justin – She names the goose onion


Wednesday August 16

Good morning bloggers!Ā 

Last reminder that tomorrow,Ā Thursday (August 17)Ā we will celebrate theĀ Feast of the Assumption! Our classes are hosting the mass at 11:30am in the hall ā€“ all areĀ welcome!Ā 

School photo forms can be returned to class teachers ahead of photos next Tuesday August 22.

Tuesday August 15!

Hi all!Ā 

Another reminder that this week on Thursday (August 17) we will celebrate theĀ Feast of the Assumption! Our classes are hosting the mass at 11:30am in the hall ā€“ all areĀ welcome!Ā 

Today all students will undertake an online wellbeing survey.Ā This data has been extremely useful in the past for our community to provide insights and actions into wellbeing and engagement šŸ™‚

Australian Federation

This afternoon we began our inquiry on Australian Federation.

Our overarching inquiry question this afternoon was;

‘What is the Australian Federation?’Ā 

It was left open for students to explore. We had different helpful websites on hand and also some books to choose from. The way information was presented was totally up to the students. Ā This way our own individual and preferred learning style is highlighted! Some chose to use the internet to research, some used diagrams and others worked together in exploring some information books.

At the end of the session we sharedĀ and added to our learning šŸ™‚Ā 

Patrick: Australia used to be known as a continent and their were 6 continent. One person decided to push Australia to be a country not a continent.

Paul: When the states became one

Australian Federation Inquiry by Thien-An-1y0fj3q



Literacy Rotations Week 4!

This week we celebrate the Feast of the Assumption as a school together. Our Comprehension Task reflects the life of Mary and who she was.

Mary Comprehension Week 4-1uzgt2s

Visual Literacy for this week also focusses on mothers. In the clip we see a mother surprise their children with a gift! Our responses to this task are creative and open ended!

The Present Visual Literacy Week 4-2ahgjvu

There is also an alternative activity for Reading Response and Guided Reading is in smaller groups with the teacher as always.