Flooding… No Way!

This afternoon we put on our critical thinking hats and thought about FLOOD DEFENCE!

Our task was to use our learning from this term surrounding floods and design a defence force for the River Torrens.


As Lara was thinking about what materials might be waterproof, she decided to test some clay in the sink. “The Clay repels the water so we will use it for our design!”

Gabby: “A steel wall and on top would be glass so it can be sunny as well as protect people from the rain.”

Dhyana: “My plan is to have the water evaporate by solar panels.”

Jacob: “There will be a dome all around the river made up of glass. It only pops up when it rains!”

Jess: “The sponge absorbs all the water that goes down through the pipes into the metal boxes and the hot air evaporates it. All for $55.55!”

Vu and Justin: “The magnets hold the two sides of the protector. The cost depends on the size. Barb wires are for intruders.”

Tuesday November 14!

Morning bloggers!

We hope you kept cool through the night! Another reminder that Thursday is our Excursion to Semaphore Beach.

We will be leaving here at 9:30am. We ask that students bring with them a packed recess, lunch, water bottle and hat. We will be returning to school at approximately 2:30pm. All permission forms are now due back. A big thank you to the parents who have volunteered to help! 🙂

Monday November 13! Week 5

Good morning all!

We hope you had a cool and productive weekend 🙂 

This Thursday (Nov 16) is our excursion to Semaphore Beach. We wish to receive all permission forms back by tomorrow (Tuesday Nov 14). We still require one more parent volunteer if possible! 

Friyay November 10

Good morning bloggers!

Today is 5/6DE and R/1MR Buddy Assembly – we hope to see you in the hall at 9:00am. Good luck 5/6DE! Look out for our reflections on this, our week, specks of gold and goals for next week on our individual blogs 🙂

We please ask that our Beach/Fishing Excursion forms are returned ASAP 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend – keep cool!

Thursday November 9 + SODA

Morning all!

Yesterday we sent a note home regarding a Beach/Fishing Excursion for next Thursday Novemebr 16. We are please asking that all forms are returned ASAP 🙂

5/6DE & R/1MR Buddy Assembly is tomorrow 9:00am in the hall! We would love to see you there!

  • Jemma – “109×2, 318-100, 200+18”
  • Kuot – “tap, flat, tip, pat”
  • Paul – “fat, put, after, fear, fart, jar”
  • Nathalie – “filter, after, pair, fire”
  • Gabby – “words that rhyme with good, wood, could, rude, hood”
  • Keerat – 41.6 x 5 = 208 + (1×10) = 218
  • Justin – “The answer is impossible; eating yourself, breaking the space continuum”

Personal Inquiries Continued…

As 5/6DE were out the classroom practicing for their assembly on Friday, 5/6IB continued on with their Personal Inquiries. 

On Monday, we focused on the question making part of an inquiry. Today, students began to investigate!

  • Mohammad – “Did you know Melbourne was actually the first team in the AFL?”
  • Jacob – “Jess McMahon began the WWE in the 90’s.”
  • Patrick – “If the Earth had no core, everything would die because it is so cold.”
  • Victor – “The little dot on the phone is an extra camera and on the new iPod.”
  • Klorence – “Icing has as much sugar as a can of coke, depends how much you use.”
  • Gabby – “You have to use tea bags when you make tea otherwise it doesn’t dissolve.”
  • Monica – “Humans are actually made up of oxygen!”

Wednesday November 8!

Morning all! 

We hope you had a relaxing Pupil Free Day yesterday and are ready to go of three exciting days of learning left for Week 4!

Today we are sending home the Permission and Medical Form for our excursion to Semaphore beach. It is imperative that these are returned ASAP 🙂 Parent helpers would be beyond appreciated! 

5/6DE and R/1MR Buddy Assembly this Friday 9:00am in the hall!