The Weekend

On the weekend I did the usual, I stayed home on Saturday but went to church on Sunday. After the mass on Sunday, we had to go to Carlo Y’s big brother’s birthday so we went immediately there. I didn’t know much people there because it was mainly Josh’s and Carlo’s friends and/or relatives. It was sorta fun, all we, the kids did there was just go outside and run around. Mainly there was a handball game but I was the only GOOD player there… I sometimes messed up because I didn’t really care. But I mixed it up a bit more. Carlo got out some old scooters and a wheel chair that his brother used to use. Basically, Dunce was normal, Jack had the scooter, Queen was normal and the King was in a wheelchair. It was actually really funny to see if anyone could take someone out in a wheel chair. I was mainly the person who always got to sit on it. After that we all went home. Me and my dad had to go shopping for Dimetapp because he needed it. We actually went all the way around the town. From Hollywood Plaza to Parabanks to even Whites Road. ( Which was the closest to our house ) After that me and my dad went home. The end

Week 2 Term 2 Comprehension – Justin

Today, I did my Week 2 Comprehension which we had to choose between two songs; David Guetta – Titanium or Mumford and Sons – Lover of the Light. I chose Titanium because David Guetta is my Favourite. I’m pretty sure I did 250 Words ( Because that was the Word Cap Cause we’re 5/6’s ) you can check it if you want and Correct me if I’m wrong… Here’s my Work. I’m quite Imaginative and Creative when it comes to Super Hero Ideas.