3/4CM and 2MP assembly

Todays assembly was 3/4CM and 2MP assembly and the theme was about curiosity! There was also a bit that showed what each student wonder and who is their neighbour and this is what I wonder and who my neighbour is! I wonder if I will have my dream job which is becoming a pastry chef! I love baking at home and making a lot of treats for special occasions for my family and friends! My family favourites that I bake is my home made cream puffs with home made custard filling and my home made cinnamon scrolls. My friends favourite treat is cookies, brownies and Nutella crepes. Even some of my teachers love my treats too like miss Battifuoco she loves my cookies!! I might even make some treats to my Aunty’s wedding on September 30th!! My Mum’s favourite treat that I bake is ham and cheese crepes! My Dad’s favourite treat that I bake is cream puffs! My sisters favourite treat that I bake is also cream puffs! my brother’s favourite treat that I bake is Nutella crepes! And my favourite treat that I bake is EVERYTHING!!!! My neighbours is not just the people that lives in my street or grew up with me it’s EVERYBODY!! My friends, family, strangers, enemy, etc is my neighbours. Even though you don’t know that person or even if you do they are still your neighbour and if God created you then God created everybody and God is everyone’s father and we are all God’s Children! So if God created all of us then we are all brother’s and sisters!!! If you respect and love your brothers and sisters and you should respect and love others too. My weekend plan is to go to my Aunty’s house and practice everything for their wedding! We are also going to go to the location on were the wedding is going to be because we have to pick what wedding cake to pick! (The wedding is not at a church it’s at this very modern place because it’s actually their 25th anniversary wedding!) Then I think that we are going to the park and kick some footballs and watch my Dad’s grand final basketball game!!!!! I hope he wins!! I hope that all of you guys have a lovely weekend and remember to think that everyone is your neighbour!!!

My Dad!

This picture is 2 pictures of my Dad! The one on the right is a photo that was given to me by air drop from my sister at Kangaroo Island! The one on the left is what I have drawn on the laptop in Active inspire!  Have a look!


On my other blogs I explained something to you guys something super exiting…CAMP! Some classes or some of your friends may already been to Illawonga camp and shared it to you guys. But they may not share some exiting things that I’ve done! I am very exited to share some of my favourite and enjoyable activities that I’ve done during camp! As you can see on the first photo that is me having a good morning sleep on the way to big bend sheep show!! I had a very relaxing sleep on the way!! Shout out to Hemen who took those pictures! The second picture you see there is was on the first day. We were doing some yabbie fishing! Me and my group (Gabriella, Tammy,tam-an,Gem, Hemen,Thien-an and Janjearra caught 9 yabbies! It was very fun because I get to hold a yabbie for the first time! To hold a yabbie there would be a V shaped on it’s back of the yabbie. You put put your index finger in one of the sides of the V and your thumb in the other side. On the third picture you see here is when we were doing archery! We did this on the last day of camp. I scored 20 points and 5 points,that is 25 points all together! There was a also a very sad story that happened in Illawonga about archery that happened in the 1910’s… To sad to explain. On the fourth photo you see here is when we were learning to whip a whip?? (I forgot what it’s called but it was fun). After whipping a whip we get to go on a maze which wasn’t that scary it was just very confusing!! On the fifth photo which was my favourite one was… THE FOAM PIT!!! The one that I really liked the most was the high bars, the trampoline and the foam pit it self. It was very very fun because we get to play a very fun game, it’s called a relay!! We have to vs other each other and whoever touches the bar first wins and our team won! So that is my favourite activities that happened to camp thank you!

Visual literacy-Robot Making Kloe

Here Is my literacy rotation visual literacy robot making. This is a robot that is named Mr. Smart. Mr.smart can do what ever you want him to do unless you press the buttons either on the robot or the remote. He can give you stuff, clean mess and Anything else! He hates orange juice and pizza but he loves cakes and apple juice. He also loves playing with   balls and you too! I hope you have fun with Mr. Smart!!

On the weekend

On the weekend (27th of may) me and my family went to harbour town and IKEA. We had to go to harbour town because on Friday (26th of may) we had a sleep over at my cousins house and their house was near harbour town. Also on the 5th of august is my brother’s 5h birthday so we had to get all the supplies. It is 2 months away from his birthday but on the 3rd of august a lot of our family is coming from the Philippines so there will be a lot of people coming over! We got a lot of plastic plates, spoons, forks, knives, cups and napkins from Woolworths. We also got a lot of cute decorations from neds and art to art because me and my sister are planning to make a small painting of him on a canvas and then we can hang it on his wall. We also went to IKEA on the same day because we needed more furniture for me and my sister’s new room. We got new beds, desks, chairs for our desks and shelves. The next day (28th of may) me, my sister and my Dad helped us fix our room. Me and my sister used to share a room together and we used to have a bunkbed but now we are not sharing a room we have our own beds! My parents thought that I need a desk because next year I might have to get a lot of homework so my parents bought be a desk and chair. We also got a shelf for me and my sister so we can but our storage in. Like books, pencils, perfumes and other stuff. And our room was complete! I love my new room because I can have my personal space, I don’t have to hear my sister being so loud when she is singing or chatting with her friends and so that I don’t hear her snoring! My speck of gold from the weekend is about my parents because they bought me and my sister expensive furniture just for us and that makes me and my sister very grateful that’s how special our families are!!

The weekend

On the weekend (19th of May) It was my confirmation! My aunty and my uncle was my sponsor and they live in Sydney.I also saw mr Erdonoff  and mr Slater. Mr Slater used to be my sister’s year 7 teacher. After my confirmation we had party. My family friends came to celebrate and brought in some yummy food and they also gave me some money!! After the party I was so tired so I went to sleep. The day (20th of may) was my cousins, aunty’s and uncle’s last day to Adelaide. It was so sad that they are leaving because they make me laugh every time they come and visit. me, my sister and my cousins cried that they had to leave but we will visit them again soon (hopefully). on the 21st of may it was my first communion! I wore a white dress and white high heels. I also ate the body of christ and the blood of christ. Before the mass was over we get to take a group photo with all the students and father Rogrik (The priest and he also baptised me in the old library). Mr white was there during the mass. After the photos Mr white gave me and photo frame on me and a certificate. My mum,Sister and cousin came and my dad and my brother stayed outside because my brother was crying to go home! I took my cousin and my brother to the playground for a little while. When we got home my parents congratulated me and gave me a cake, I felt super special!! Then we baked some chocolate cupcakes and chocolate frosting. It didn’t look has good but it was super doper delicious!!!!! while we were baking we face time our grandma and we saw our grandma wearing a party hat and a party blower on her mouth and she also congratulated me. My speck of gold on the weekend was all the people that congratulated me for my first communion I love them all so much!