Wonder Movie – Lara

Favourite Scene:

My favourite scene was where Auggie got to make new friends because in my opinion, I feel bad that Auggie gets bullied because of his looks and stuff and it was great seeing that people can see the real Auggie and not judge him by his looks. Another favourite scene was where Auggie and his friend was in a fight with “year 7’s” and they still stood up for each other even though they claimed that the year 7’s were “scary”.

Overall Rating:

Personally, I loved the movie but the only thing wrong with it was…..

BECAUSE THERE WERE TOO MUCH KISSING SCENES IN MY OPINION!!!!!! Even though you think 2 is not a lot, it is in my opinion and I personally think it’s okay because everyone has different opinions and that’s okay.

4 Facts About Sports/Players

  1. It’s not about who’s taller and shorter, it’s about the skills, agility and sportsmanship.
  2. A long time ago, people played sports either to settle agreements or just for fun.
  3. Michelle Wei became official 1 week before her 16th birthday.
  4. Lacrosse was a dangerous sports because the players didn’t wear any equipment except for thin material.