About nreun

Hi, my name is Nathalie. I like KFC I like shopping And I like going to school Also I love my family!!

Reflection on learning this week

This week we did debating and it was fun because we got a lot of ideas for our topic and our topic was “should we pay for plastic bags?” we chose it because we thought it was an interesting topic. For literacy rotations it made understand more about my book for reading response and for our guided reading this week we didn’t get to read about Space Demons because we were presenting our country inquiry to our group. For my country inquiry task my country was Japan and i chose that country because i heard that it was interesting and an amazing country. For numeracy we did tessellating shapes and it was fun because i found out that some shapes couldn’t tesselate because some of the angles didn’t fit into 360° for example: triangle angle equaled 60° and it could fit into 360°. For my science experiment i was so proud cause for our first try we had 4 balls and had to see which one dropped first but we had 4 balls and we couldn’t make them drop at the same time because it was too many to handle. For the second try of our science it worked because we did it with only 2 balls and we got it to drop at the same time.

Weekend Post

On Saturday i stayed home played games, watched youtube and ate food. On Sunday me and my mum went shopping at Elizabeth and I went to Footlocker to buy my shoes because my old shoes were really old and they had holes in them. Then there were so many shoes to choose from and chose the black Nike Hauruche shoe. I tried the kids one and it was too tight then i tried the women shoe and it was size 6 and it still didn’t fit me because it was too tight. My mum ask the lady that worked there and said “Do you have any other bigger sizes than size 6?” The lady went to check if there were any other big sizes. Unfortunately they didn’t have a size bigger so my mum asked if they can order a size 7 for me and they said there going to come next week. So when they call us to come pick it up we have to go pick it up at the store. After shopping we went back home and slept early because i had school on Monday.

Weekend Post

On Saturday I didn’t do anything, all i did was playing on my laptop, watching youtube videos, stay in my bed, played games on Roblox and I did my kumon homework. On Sunday I helped my dad move my bed and my desk into my room because he removed the carpet in my room and put the wood floor. The rest of the day I was Skype calling Loria because i was bored and I was playing games on Roblox, watched youtube videos and did my Kumon work.

Cyber Safety (Police)

This morning we went to the hall to talk to the police about social media and cyber bullying. The police showed us 2 videos of social media and grooming. The grooming video was about this guy called Coby and he is a prankster he uploads videos of pranking people on his youtube channel. So he made a fake account on Facebook and saying he was 15 when he wasn’t and he ask permission from the girls parent if they can add them on Facebook and text them. So he was texting the first girl and she was about 13 and Coby was texting for about 4 days and he told her to meet up at the park. So they got in position and the girl’s dad was somewhere hiding so when she comes Coby called her name out and her dad came out and said stuff like “what happened is this was real life”? Then he texted the second girl and she was 12. Coby got permission from the parents and he texted and said he will come over to her house.  When they went to the door the girl opened the door and the dad shouted at her and the girl was crying. The third girl was 14 and he told her to come to his car and the parents were in the car. After that video the police showed us some equipment and yea it was done.