About nreun

Hi, my name is Nathalie. I like KFC I like shopping And I like going to school Also I love my family!!

Holiday Reflection

In the holidays I went shopping at Harbour Town with my mum and my sister. We bought some clothes and my sister bought a $25 Roblox card. After that we went to the asian grocery to by some food. For 1 week I went to my auntie’s house for a week and spend time with my cousins. All I did was talking to my friends and we made a plan that we were going to watch IT in the cinemas in the holiday. But we couldn’t because we needed a parent to watch it with us. Also we were under 18 so we needed an adult. Next my friend went with 2 people and they came back at 9 and they told us how scary the movie was. So the next day I went to my aunties and my auntie asked “do you want to go to the cinemas?” and I was like YES! So I asked her can we watch the movie IT. And she said yes so at 6 we went to Elizabeth and we went in to pay the tickets. I watched IT with my auntie and my sister. We went to choose a seat and first through the movie my sister already got so scared. She wanted to go home and I was wearing a jacket so I had a hoodie so, I wore my jacket backwards and when ever there was a scary part I wore my hoodie so i couldn’t see the screen. My auntie was on her phone the whole movie. The movie was so horrifying but it was a really good movie. The movie finished at 9:20 and I went back home and that night I was so paranoid.

Maths Probability task

The first spinner was with doubles and a lot of doubles came up and there was 1 and 6 chance of getting a double. When I added another spinner there are not that many chances of getting a triple because there is only 1 out of 36 chances of getting a triple. When spinner the 3 spinner 36 times I didn’t get any triple’s so I had to spin it 200 times to get a triple. The first spinner I span it more than 40 times and I got 7 doubles.

Weekend Reflection

On Saturday I stayed home for the rest of the day and all i did was playing Roblox and league of legends with my friends. Also it was my first time playing league of legends so I didn’t really know how to play. I called my friends because I was bored and I had literally nothing to do. I watched some movies on Netflix and I finished watching the movie “expelled” Also I had to do the laundry and I had to do my Kumon homework. I also slept at 2 am in the morning because I couldn’t go to sleep.

On Sunday I also stayed home for the rest of the day and I played League of Legends with my friends again. I was watching some movies on netflix. For the whole day I was busy calling with friends and I also had to do my Kumon home work. Also my dad made us pizza and it was so yummy. But instead my mum went out to buy pizza hut. So we had to whole pizzas to our self. I had to share with my sister and my dad because my mum said so and my mum didn’t want any pizza. We had hawaiian pizza and it was delicious.

Outdoor ed day blog!

So yesterday on Thursday we had outdoor ed day and everyone had to wear their sports uniform. We had to write down what activities we are doing and what time. In the morning I and Keerat first did Nature’s scavenger hunt and it was fun and kind of boring because all we had to do was find stuff and we were there for like an hour. We went to the warrior ninja playground because we thought we were doing the scavenger hunt there. We found a lot of interesting things while we were doing the hunt. I found a root and I found chatime. After the hunt, we went back to our classrooms and had our fruit. Then we had to go to our next activity. For our next activity, me and Keerat went to footy with Miss B and Mr DePalma. Footy was soooo funnn but it was boiling and I was sweating a lot. I was also very exhausted. After footy we had netball. Netball was great I think we scored 3 and the other team scored 2. Before netball, we had to some stretching and practising catching and throwing the ball. After netball, we had hockey in the hall no one didn’t know there was hockey in the hall. Hockey was very fun we had to do some practising dribbling the ball and we had to race our partners.

We played a game called sharks, so there will be 2 sharks and they try to get your ball and if you lose your ball you are out.


Weekend Reflection

On Saturday I stayed home and watched tv, watched youtube videos, played with my friends, I called my friends for the rest of the day and I had to do the laundry. Then we had dinner at 7:00 and at 10 I went to sleep.

On Sunday I stayed home and in the morning at 8, we had to get ready because we had to go to the temple. We went to the one called “Angkor Hall”. At the temple, there was a lot of people there. I saw a lot of my friends there and I saw Loria there too. We were playing handball and Red rover and it was fun. But it kind of got boring there and also it was boiling hot there. We came back home at 1 and my mum had to go somewhere so I stayed home with my dad and my sister. I was at home calling my friends because I was bored. I played Roblox with Ian, apple, Karan, and Shivansh. My mum came back home at 6 and we went for a drive at Mawson Lakes. After that, we came back home and we had Hawaiin pizza and it was delicious! Then I had to do my Kumon homework then I had to go brush my teeth and go to sleep.

I wonder…../What is a neighbour?….

I wonder how dirt was made

I wonder where my look a like is in the world/I wonder if I have a twin.

I wonder what my past life was.

I wonder if maybe in the future there might be a world war 3.

I wonder how colors were made.

I wonder if this school will ever stay here or will there be a new building here.

I wonder, is there a fountain of youth.

I wonder what we learned from our mistakes, were they really mistakes?

I wonder who will take over Kim Jong Un as president in North Korea.

I wonder if anyone had been abducted by aliens?

I wonder what are dreams exactly, where do they really come from?

I wonder where do my socks go to when they disappear.

I wonder if Australia will ever be a country still in the future

I wonder why Monday is called Monday.

I wonder if animals can go up to heaven.

I wonder if God or spirits are watching us right now.

I wonder how swear words were even made.

I wonder who invented makeup.

I wonder who the president of Australia is.

I wonder if ever our future jobs will ever be worked by robots.


What is a Neighbour??

I think everyone is my neighbour because you meet new people every day on the streets and at different places. Well, a neighbor is someone who lives in your suburb or someone that lives next door to you. Even people you don’t know is your neighbour




Weekend Reflection

On Saturday I stayed home and I watched movies, watched youtube videos, played some games on ROBLOX and I did my Kumon homework. I also had to do the laundry because every weekend I do it. At 6 my mum decided that we go to the Royal Adelaide Show. But my dad didn’t want to come because we didn’t bother coming. So at 6 we went and we arrived at the Showgrounds and as we were driving there I saw the rides with colorful lights around the rides. We had a lot of trouble finding the car park and we wasted 20 minutes trying to find a car park. But then FINALLY we found one near the show and we were trying to find one closest to the show because we didn’t wanna walk too long and we were scared because it was at night. So we found a car park and we walked to the front gate and we had to wait in line to get our tickets. Then we went into the show and we first went into the Duncan Gallery. We went to explore in there and after that, we went to the show bag area to buy our show bags. There were a lot of people there and I bought the Warheads Jumbo after that we went to the rides but sadly I didn’t go on any. Then at 9 or something, there were fireworks and the fireworks were loud. After the fireworks, we walked back to our car. We came back home at 10 something and I went to sleep cause I was really tired. We also bought some food at the show and I bought Fairy Floss. On Sunday┬áI stayed home and I watched movies, watched youtube videos, played some games on ROBLOX and called my friends. At 7 at night we went to a Vietnamese restaurant and the food there was good. I saw Tam-An at the restaurant and after we went back home.