Weekly Blog By Paul

Last week when we had fitness I broke my wrist. It happened because of Kuot. I was the goalie and kuot kicked the ball and it hit my wrist, it was the end of the day and it really hurt. I had to go to the hospital and I got an x-ray on it. the doctor said that it was broken. It really hurt when I tried to move it. Then I had to go to the bone doctor so he can put my bone back into place. they put me to sleep so I wouldn’t feel the pain. They put it back into place and put on a cast I chose to get the blue colour. I had to have it on for six weeks but now I have to have it for five more. It is slowly healing and getting better I will. soon be fine enough to play soccer.

Blog By Paul

I liked todays assembly because it was themed on character strengths as people performed it on stage. I liked how they did the rubik’s cube and William destroyed them all but Ein and Faisan just made it. The assembly was nice and it showed my favourite character strength, Resilience. I am grateful that I have friends to play with. I am grateful that I have teachers to teach me work and help me with my learning. I am grateful that I have parents to take me to school. I am also grateful that I have my parents to buy me food water and clothes to live. My specks of gold is going out to play for fitness. My specks of gold is finishing my work in class in time so I can go out for fitness. My specks of gold is coming to school so i can have a better education and make friends.

Assembly By Paul

I liked 5/6SP and 3/4SM’s assembly because it was themed on the show Little Big Shots. It had different people and different things to do. My favourite little big shots was Cooper and Carlo who were doing soccer. I liked the dance because it was good. I am grateful that I have friends to hang out with and laugh with. I am grateful that I have a family and parents. I am grateful that I go to a school. I am grateful that I play soccer at school. My goal is to get better grades at the end of the year. My goal is to get more goals in soccer and not concede as a goalkeeper. I am grateful that I have parents that provide me with everything I need such as food, water clothes and many more. I am grateful that I have a big brother that picks me yup from school, buys me a lot of shoes and buys me games.

My Holiday

On Friday I went to Steve’s house because 0n Saturday I was going to watch his semi-finals match. On Friday me and Steve played Fifa on his PS4. Then 30 minutes after 10 o’clock we had to go to bed. Then in the morning at around ten we went and I watched Steve’s match they won 2-1 then we were going to go home but then we went to buy chips. After I went home had a shower then went to Edrin’s birthday party. First we were playing Fifa for about an hour then we got kicked out because they had to prepare for the cake. So we were playing hand-ball then after we decided to go to the park. We played but then we had to go back because there were too many mosquitos. So then we played handball for a long time until the cake was prepared. We sang happy birthday to him then we ate the cake there were lollies too. Then when we went inside we started to play cards I was into the finals then me and Jonathan drew because I was going to play my card but then he did. So then we went in Edrin’s room and we were doing teams and if you lose you would have to get slapped on the back. Then me and Edrin lost they didn’t slap him hard because it was his birthday but they slapped me so hard on my back I had to get some ice. But I didn’t cry then after I went home it was a fun day.