Steve Reading Response Review

Hi Everybody my names is Steve,

Today i’m gonna be telling you about the book I have been reading the book I have been reading is called Extra Weird! its an amazing book because its funny everyone in he’s family is weird. An they the all have amazing talents. I love all the books and also Mrs.B for guide reading with class I will love it if we could read the book thank you for reading enjoy don’t forget view my next blog post.

Kind Regards,
Steve Mori
5/6 Student

What I gave for lent ???

I gave for lent white chocolate because because I have all time after school I eat and all the time my gets mad because thinks I’m gonna lose all my teeth i’m doing for you Mum and Dad and my local dentist and I’m gonna give playing head soccer on my laptop because I was play in my bed at night I’m gonna give up Coke to because it’s not good for you and because I have every month and you can heart disease I learned in BTN task for literacy don’t have plz people you get heart disease like mention early don’t have it.

Assembly Blog Post

In our ¬†Assembly we had to cut it short because it was to hot but our assembly but our assembly was about character strengths and. Do and don’t because showing school how use the laptop because everyone in our school gots the on laptop but R/1 don’t have one so when the get it they will know how use it correctly…..