My weekend by Zack

On the weekend my Dad an I went to go pick up this awesome dragster bike and it is brand new. On Saturday My mum , sister and i went to the mall and we looked  in the nike store and rebel sports. On sunday i played a soccer game and we won 2-0 but it was the worst game ever because i played really bad and their team was swearing and complaining that we were swearing. After the game we went to someones house to get some forks for my dragster bike and when we got home my dad and i did up this dragster we found and its looking good.


Speck of gold By Zack

On Friday night My mum and I got out two double air mattresses and my sister, my mum and I where watching Netflix all night on the air mattresses and at about 12:00 my mum and my sister went to their beds but I stayed in the lounge room on the two air mattresses and i slept on them all week. On Saturday i went to this place called Harper’s place in Elizabeth and the milkshakes are SO BIG!!! On Sunday I played a soccer game and we won 7-1 and I scored two good goals and one was a awesome big header and the other one was a volley and i got $10 because i scored two goals.