The twits by Zack.

My favourite part of the twits is were Mrs twit pranked Mr twit by putting worms in his noodles and Mr twit wanted to prank her back my pretending that she is shrinking by making her walking stick taller and taller every day. When they went outside Mr twit got lots of balloons and tide her to the ground and streched her out. But  the thing was she flew away and that’s why i liked the twits book.


About my weekend.

On Friday night i went to Rebel sports and i saw these awesome orange and black soccer shoes that i really liked and i tried them on. My mum said i can get them if i have a good 2 weeks at school but me and my dad where in the bike section and my mum was “going to the toilet” but instead she brought me the shoes without knowing. On Saturday i  was just riding on my BMX bike all day. On Sunday morning i was getting ready for soccer and i was riding on my bmx bike before we left and my mum had a nike box in her hand but i had no idea what it was and when i opened it, it was the shoes. When i got to the oval my dad and i were kicking the ball and seeing how my foot was because i hadn’t played soccer in 2 weeks!! When the game started our goalie was sooooo bad and let in the easiest 3 goals in the world and we were loosing 3:0 in only 15 minuets. 10 minuets later me and my friend bailey went up for a header together and it hit both of our shoulders and went in but bailey tried taking all the credit for it. After the game my coach came up to my dad and said i was one of the best 50 kids in south Australia to get selected for a summer soccer team and there is really strict coaches. After the soccer game we went to the Power vs Collingwood with my friend Brodie,His dad,my dad and my poppy and even though we won the umpires were giving the game to Collingwood.

About my weekend.

On Friday after school my friend Cooper came home with me and we were playing ps4 and 45 minuets later i went over to his house for the night and we played ps4 for about 1 hour and then we went outside in the cold and played soccer and football for 1/2 hours. Later that night at about 10:30 and we got two bean bags, pillows and two quilts and we did heaps of flips and i did some front flips and side flips into it and it was really fun. I went to sleep at about 11:00 and woke up at around 8:30. When we woke up i had Nutri grain for breakfast and Milo for my drink and after we jumped into the pillow filled foam pit and we were jumping in it for hours until we had to leave to go to Coopers ants house. when we went inside the first thing i saw was a bird!!! i really want a bird but my mum won’t let me 🙁 🙁 Later on Coopers Aunty let out the bird and flew around and landed on my finger and flew of. It had been out for a while until cooper didn’t like it because he is scared of birds but i didn’t want to let it go. even tho it was back into the cage i still was playing with it BUT I NEED TO CONVINCE MY MUM TO GET A BIRD!!! When i got home on Saturday i had to get ready to go to my Aunty’s birthday. Later on I heard that i didn’t have a soccer game on Sunday because of the weather but i didn’t care because i needed to rest my foot because i want to get it better really fast. On Sunday i woke up and played on my ps4 for half of the day and later we went to Costco had a look around and went back home. and that’s my weekend

My Holiday

On the first week of holidays i went over to my friend Brodie’s Nan’s house with him and his Nan bought us a really big air hockey table and we played on it all day and i won 17 tournaments and Brodie only one 10. The next morning we had to wake up early because we were going to see Diary of a Wimpy Kid the Long Haul and it was really good i think it might be the best one they made even tho the people were different and i liked the end were the kid Manny leads them back to his pet pig that he got earlier in the movie. On the first week and Thursday i went over to my friend baileys house and we made a really big fort to sleep in and we road on his half pipe with our scooters and had a party late at night. On Sunday i played a game of soccer but we lost 2-0 🙁 then i had to pack on Monday to go to Moonta Bay to go to my Nan’s house for 5 days. On Tuesday my Pop picked me and my Sister up from my house and then drove us all the way there. On Tuesday my Nan booked a movie spot to see cars 3 with my sister and it was the best cars YET!! cars 3 is my childhood movie and the ending was very ,very good. On Thursday and Friday me a my sister went to the Ambulance station to make really cool cards for Christmas and birthdays and they look so good.

My weekend by Zack

On the weekend my Dad an I went to go pick up this awesome dragster bike and it is brand new. On Saturday My mum , sister and i went to the mall and we looked  in the nike store and rebel sports. On sunday i played a soccer game and we won 2-0 but it was the worst game ever because i played really bad and their team was swearing and complaining that we were swearing. After the game we went to someones house to get some forks for my dragster bike and when we got home my dad and i did up this dragster we found and its looking good.