my weekend by Zack.

On Friday and 7:00 after school my dad and I went to flip out together. I was basically there all by my self and it was so fun because there was a foam pit and I did a double side flip and a front flip into the foam pit. and then when I went over to the ninjor warrior  part I did lots of backflips and I tried to do the whole corse but it was so slippery but it was so fun. when I went over to the olympic trampoline part I did lots of cool trick and I did lots of backflips. On Saturday I woke up and started playing call of duty and it was so fun because love that game. then later on at 2:00 I had to play a indoor soccer match but we lost , but we had heaps of fun. at night we had to go to may dad’s friends place for his 50th and we played in the pool all night.


Today we had our 5/6 DE and R/1 MR Assembly!!!  When the curtains opened Domenic v and I were so nervous because we were right in the middle of the stage and it looked like everybody was staring at us. When the microphone got closer to us we got more nervous and then when it was my turn I actually said it very well and then after the soccer video we had to stand up and I had to hand out the trophy and I had a reading part. After my part we waited and watched some of the videos on stage and then later on it was the dance. when it started Sammy and I joined in and it was so funny because we didn’t know what we were doing but we still had a fun time. After the assembly we got to go to the playground and then we had ice blocks and it was really fun. I am really proud of everyone because we did really well and thank you Mr Depalma and Mrs Rogers for organising this.

About my weekend by Zack.

On Friday at the end of the day after school I was so tired. so when I got home I had a big sleep and when I woke up I played on my ps4 and on my bike for the rest of the day. On Saturday morning I had a indoor soccer game at the Adelaide super drome on it was so fun and every time you try to run on the ground you can’t get grip and you slip over. At the end of the game we lost 7-6 and I scored a goal but we think that we scored way more goals then 6 but we still had a fun time. when I got home I played on my ps4 and went outside and then had a nap because we were going to go to Murray bridge for the speedway. At first we went to my friend baileys house because we had to go to Murray bridge in his next door neighbours 7 seater car. It was really fun on the way there because in the car it had a DVD player and bluetooth head phones and we watched school of rock. When we got there we got to have our own corporate box and for the whole night we got free donuts and free snacks because baileys next door neighbour knew the guy that owns the whole place. When we were there , there was also a plane doing backflips and tricks in the air and it was so cool. On the way back it was about 12:00 and we were watching kung fu panda 3 and when we got back I slept over baileys house.On Sunday Bailey and I played on his half pipe on our scooters for the whole day and we helped his dad and my dad on the Mini Cooper they were trying to fix. When I got home I was so tired because I didn’t have much sleep so I had ANOTHER sleep and then that was my weekend.

About my holiday in Melbourne!

In the holidays I went to Melbourne with my mum and my sister. We left on Sunday the 8th of October and when we got to the apartment it had the best view ever!!. On the first day there we got settled in and went out shopping for some clothes and cool things. The next day in Melbourne we went to the DFO and I brought a pair of vans, soccer ball and a shirt. In Melbourne I saw so many cool cars like a Maserati, Aston Martin ,Porsche and when we were walking out of our apartment I even saw a white and black Lamborghini and I got a photo of it. On Tuesday we went to the markets it was so cool because they had lots of cool shirts, Toys ,Lollies and a lot more stuff. In the Markets I bought a Barcelona phone case and a pop socket for my phone also a Stussy t shirt and some other souvenirs for my dad. On Wednesday we went to harbour town and went on the Melbourne star and it was so big and I took so many photos and you could see the whole city!!!! After that we went to the aquarium and I saw my worst fear …. A CROCIDILE!!!!! And when we got to the penguins I caught one falling over on camera and it was so funny!!and later on in the night we went for a swim in the spa and pool and it was so fun and they also had a sauna and it was so warm. On  Thursday we went to saint Kilda and saw lunar park and it was so cool because the face looked really detailed and I won a $15 JB HI FI gift car in a $1 game!! After we came back we went to the GYM and I worked out so much and I couldn’t feel my whole body!! That night we were about to have dinner and when we walked out there were fire trucks, police, and ambulances blocking of the whole street and when we walked out of the apartment someone said it’s going to be a 3 hour wait to get back into our apartment!!! Just because of a piece of metal hanging from a apartment.  We were sad because we were looking forward to a swim. We had to wander the streets of Melbourne until 11 at night!!   On Friday we were getting ready to leave and hop in the plane. When we hopped in the plane I took a photo of the clouds and it looked like mountains.


about my weekend by Zack.

On Friday I had a good day at school because i worked really well and when i got home i got a haircut!! On Saturday i woke up to see my cousin Jed play his grand final against Munno para and he won 4-0 and then later on in the day i went to bounce for my friends birthday party and then in the night we sat outside in front of the fire and cooked some chicken wings over it and then i did some Frisbee trick shots. On Sunday i played a game against a team called the pirates and we won 1-0 and i almost scored.

Outdoor classroom Day!!

Outdoor classroom day was so fun. It was about learning something, getting active and having fun. My favourite Activity was every activity because all of it was really fun!!. In the morning i went inside said “hello” to Mr Depalma and then Sammy,Paul, Dom and myself walked over to the oval to do AFL 9’s with Mr Depalma and Miss B. At first I played a game and we won and then i went over with Miss B and did some footy skills and i really liked how i had a partner and we faced the other was and when Miss B kicked the ball we had to quickly turn around and mark the ball. After that activity was done we went back to class to have a fruit break and i had a banana. Our second activity was Activity circuit with Mrs Nunez and Mrs Norris and it was so fun because at first Dom , Paul ,Sammy and myself played handball and and then we went and got a skipping rope and we saw who could skip the fastest. Later on Mohammad and I played with the frisbee with Mrs Nunez and then it was recces time. After recces Dom , Sammy ,Paul and I played netball and it was so fun!!!!! and i scored 4 goals and we won!!! and then it was lunch time. After lunch we went to the scavenger hunt and i found a gecko!!! At the end of the day i had 20,000 steps   and it was a really fun day!

grand final by Zack

When the grand final happens i think that GWS and Geelong will be in the finals and i think Geelong will thrash GWS until half time and then GWS will all of a sudden start scoring so many goals and then i think GWS will win by a miracle. I think even if I think Geelong will loose I think Patrick Dangerfield would be best on ground because he is a all round good player and the fastest player in the AFL. In the crows vs Geelong game i think the chances of Crows winning is going to be 35% and Geelongs chances of winning is probably 65%. I think Geelong is a favourite because they have Patrick Dangerfield, Joel Selwood and Tom Hawkins witch are three really good player witch I think will bring Geelong home and win the match against Adelaide Crows!!! I think the game with GWS and Richmond, GWS would win by 65 points because I think GWS is way better than Richmond.

Assembly reflection Zack.

I wonder what grade i would get for my Maths this year?

I wonder if i will be a pro soccer player when im older?

I wonder if i will make it to under 13’s federation this year?

I wonder if i would get good grades in high school?

I wonder why we die?

My neighbor is not necessarily the people who live next to. I think our neighbors are people that you don’t even know and people that you know because some people help you if your hurt or done something and they care for you even if they don’t know you. They are neighbors to us because they live in the same world as us and its like the good Samaritan when some people walked past somebody that was badly hurt and then the good Samaritan walked past gave him some medicine and then put him in the hospital or what ever they had then and then he paid the money for him.

I think the assembly was really good because i liked how they put the dance video on and made everybody dance and it was really fun. I also liked how they put that little friendship video at the start and I think it was really funny as well because they had little battles for the food.