Group 4 Guided ONLINE Reading

Today’s Guided Reading Group 4 completed some online reading! Together we looked at some breaking news…

We read about the Life of Betty Cuthbert and how much of an Australian Sporting Icon she was. We think it is important to be aware of special Australian Athletes in Sport who have shaped the landscape in our country.

There were a few different activity options to choose to reflect on our reading! Take a look at some of our critical reflections.


Our social and emotional wellbeing is just as, if not more, important than our physical health.  This afternoon we spent some time reflecting on what it means to be HAPPY! We looked at examples of scripture in which Jesus was happy and how he expressed happiness to others.

John 3:18 Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth.

Darcy – ‘It means you can’t just say things you have to show it too.’

Arthi – ‘You can show people you love them by actually doing things.’

We then had to investigate what happiness and wellbeing meant to us, and what REALLY makes us happy! We also began work on a happiness guide. We will use and reference these when we feel escalated, sad, emotional, negative, angry etc.

Justin responded by creating his own happiness animation!!


Guided Reading Onion Tears?!

Onion Tears WHAT!?

This was Group 3’s response to our new book we are reading!

We discussed and predicted what we think the story might be about before we started reading! We used the front cover as a clue!

Jonas – She cuts and onions and gets tears

Nam – She chops onions and then she cries or maybe she names a swallow an onion

Dhyana – She leaves onions like tears of sadness

Justin – She names the goose onion


Australian Federation

This afternoon we began our inquiry on Australian Federation.

Our overarching inquiry question this afternoon was;

‘What is the Australian Federation?’ 

It was left open for students to explore. We had different helpful websites on hand and also some books to choose from. The way information was presented was totally up to the students.  This way our own individual and preferred learning style is highlighted! Some chose to use the internet to research, some used diagrams and others worked together in exploring some information books.

At the end of the session we shared and added to our learning 🙂 

Patrick: Australia used to be known as a continent and their were 6 continent. One person decided to push Australia to be a country not a continent.

Paul: When the states became one

Australian Federation Inquiry by Thien-An-1y0fj3q



Library Week 3!

Friday = Library Day!

Today, Jess, Arthi and Dhyana read the book Feathers. It was a fitting story as we looked outside to see sunshine and birds 🙂

 We shared our thoughts and reflections:

After reading the story we discussed our predictions and what the moral/complication of the story was;

Alex – There were feathers

Akash – So there were not so happy people but then when they found the feather it cheered them up

Jonas –It was hard to follow but what I know is that they find a feather and it might be lucky

HemenMia caught a feather

Mohammad – The people were following the feathers

Dhyana – People were moving and finding homes

Arthi – No matter what happens to your house you will always have a home!

After reading and critically questioning the story we borrowed our own books for the week.

It is super important that we are reading our books each day at home as we use these as part of our ‘Reading Response’ activity during Literacy Rotations.

STEAM- exploring the fish farm- turning yabbies blue!

Today our classes visited Kuyangani – a place where fish meet. This is part of the school’s STEAM program and our classes began a science experiment in groups.

Our classes were given the provocation of how to turn yabbies blue from Mr Mc Arthy.

We had some interesting hypothesies:

Keerat: Use blue stones and clear water in their environment

Zack: use blue food colouring in their water and food pellets

Jemma: use hard water and clean water. Hard water is water with lots of minerals in it.

Dyhana: to keep them in fresh water so they can go blue and keep the tank vibrant blue

Darcy’s group: change the temperature of the water they live in. Warm the water.

Paul and Steve: pump blue food colouring into the food pellets.

Paris: Use freezing cold water. (Although we found this just puts them to sleep)

Olek: we think that to turn a yabbie blue we would need to feed it an old exoskeleton from a blue cray.

Digestive Detectives!

Our learning surrounding the Health Systems began today. Over the next few weeks students will investigate various different systems of the body including;

  • Digestive System
  • Circulatory System
  • Skeletal System
  • Respiratory System

Together we will ask questions and inquire into each one before students can choose to focus on one for their own inquiry learning.

The human body is an incredible and intricate machine! It is important to understand the different systems in our body so we can further understand bodily functions, how things work and how we survive!

Today we began with the Digestive System! Initially we brainstormed what we already knew about it.

Together we viewed the following video to add to our knowledge! 

We also used viewed and critically investigated different websites, pages, videos to support our learning. It was great to see students coming and sharing their new findings with us. Did you know the intestine is over 8m long?! We will continue to work on this during the week! 🙂