Poetry Pondering…

Today we began exploring the notion of Poetry.

Miss Battifuoco introduced the topic with a clip of Shawn Medes singing ‘Nothing holding me back.’ We were surprised to hear that music is a form of poetry in itself. 

We brainstormed what we knew about Poetry before beginning some of our own initial investigating!  Check out our personal blogs 🙂 

My – “Onomatopoeia is like a sound for a word.”

Paul – “Similie is when you compare two things like that short as a worm.”

Alex – “Personification is when you describe something more. Like more detail for it.”

Jonas – “A rhyme is when something sounds like another word.”


Literacy Rotations Week 1

Our Literacy Rotations this week revolve around reading for meaning.

Comprehension –  BTN-minecraft playground -2khvwni

There is a new set go Reading Response Activities! Term 4 Reading Response Activities-19jgkou

As we begin work on Poetry this term, our word task asks us to think critically about our name using descriptors.

Just a reminder that these are to be completed in class time everyday and will be checked daily by the teacher 🙂

Padlet Reflecting :)


This morning we took the time to reflect on our Term 3. We used a website called Padlet which allows people to add comments to an open page. Individually we added our own highlight/speck of gold for the term.  As we added our own thoughts, we could simultaneously see those of our peers. 

Take a look at our online reflections!



Peer Procedures in ACTION!

Cake baking, soccer fitness, marking a footy, slime making, stress ball creating, apple and grape turtles, animating bouncy balls and skilling in online games... don’t you wish you could have been in our learning environment after recess?! We busily worked on finishing our Peer Procedures before we swapped with a partner and began work!

Library Week 9!

In today’s library session we focussed on listening for meaning. Amber, Janjeara and Gem kindly read Blue Sky Yellow Kite to the group.

Together we discussed what the moral of the story may be and if there was any Character Strengths;

  • Keerat – ‘Well in the end of the little brother gave her a kite so maybe it is teaching kindness.’
  • Gabriella – Honesty and kindness to her brother

After reading we individually borrowed our books for the week and filled in our Premiers Reading Challenge sheets (last day today)!

Introducing… The SKELETAL System

Time to dissect another body system!

Introducing…. The SKELETAL System! 

Together we had a look at our prior knowledge surrounding this system. It is always interesting to see where students interest and knowledge lays;

Together we viewed this video to support our thinking! 

We then added to our knowledge base; 

Vu –  Bones protect our organs

VT – They are made out of calcium

Akash – When bones break they are put back together from tissue and cells

It was then time to openly and individually investigate! 

Justin’s Questions