Country inquiry sharing- DE

Here are some shots of some super inquiry projects on a range of countries!

We have been showing them off to our guided reading groups in literacy rotation time by selecting a few interesting aspects to talk about and show!!

Finland- Aolani

Aaliyah H- USA

Dom M- USA

Thien An- France

Janjeara- Thailand

Kasharna- Holland

VT- France

Vietnam- Cameron

Uruguay- Christian

Ireland- Zack

Recycling Challenge!

As part of an Ecology Challenge to kick start some initiatives around the school, today we investigated Recycling in the school and better ways to do it.

We are designing a new fun recycling system that could be used around the school that targets 1 stream of waste, ie food scraps, or 10c recyclables. Lots of classes around the school are doing this this so we will get the chance to vote on the designs and submit our favourite to Mr White, Mr Slater and Miss Martin for judging.

After some winners have been found, they will actually be made and put to use in the school. As an added bonus there will also be a prize/prizes for the best class/individual student designs. 

Today we began the initial stages of brainstorming ideas and the planning/designing process!

We have some awesome ideas in the mix!

Patrick wants to make some bins with a basketball hoop on there but have the chance for all kids to get it in every time!

Jonas and Justin want to colour code the bins to famous faces! E.g. The blue bin will be a mini elmo.

Tam-an, Tammy, Gem and Hemen are having doubt themed bins!!!

Mason, Vu and Victor are using Skee Ball to encourage Recycling! There’s different points for different things.

Keerat, My and Nathalie are going to use specific jumbo foods for different bins. Like a jumbo chip packet for General Waste!!

Zack, Paul, Dom, Christian and Kuot are going to use a spinning well for bottle caps!

Kloe and Gabby will use gigantic jumbo pencils with lead that opens up for rubbish!

Aaliyah and Kasharna are using giant eggs!

Darcy, Dom and VT designed robots for recycling.

Jacob, Akash, Mohammad and Steve are using basketball guernseys to entice recyclers!

Presenting our Country Inquiries!

We have all worked super hard to investigate and inquire into a country of our own choice over the last few weeks. An important part of learning is actually sharing what we have found! 

During Guided Reading this week, each student will present their inquiry to the smaller group, showing interesting facts and findings. This is a great chance to practice projecting our voice and using expression in our communication.

Victor presented Russia to us! He told us that the capital city was Moscow!

Mohammad told us that Portugal have the same Christmas as Australia!

Steve told us that people in Belgium eat lots of fried mussels.

Nati shared that the Atlantic Ocean surrounds the USA.

Hemen informed us that July 4 in America is a holiday! They get the day off because it is a public holiday. It’s like Australia Day. The capital city is Washington!

Tammy told us that the UK is on the Northern side of the Hemisphere.

Jacob shared that people in the UK love to eat bacon sandwiches, roast dinners, cups of tea, fish and chips and yorkshire puddings!

Literacy Rotation Week 8

This week’s rotations are focussed on…. MAKING and CREATIVITY!

In D&T we are making our own Country Landmarks and also creating our own Fidget Spinners. As part of our Ecological learning we are designing a way to make recycling fun around the school.

Our Visual Literacy focuses on the story of a young girl and her mission to create a robot!

Our open ended tasks surround this resilience and creativity. 

The Comprehension Task this week surrounds the book ‘Patchwork Bike’ that we read together in library. This book is shortlisted for Picture Book of the year.

The Comprehension Task questions highlight different ways to be creative. There are options to think outside the box in creating something out of recycled goods and even drawing a map of your local area for someone who has never been there before.

Our Reading Response questions are as follows;

Term 2 Reading Response Activities-2mpmuqr

These responses activities are to follow any reading that you are doing either in class or at home.

In Guided Reading this week students will be presenting their Country Inquiries to the group! 

Library Week 7!

Do you know why Friday’s are extra special????

Because we get to visit the library!!!! Today, as a group, we read the book ‘Home in the Rain’. Jonas, Alex and Justin kindly read the story aloud to us. It was a fitting story as we looked outside to see rain!

This book is on the short list books for 2017Before, during and after the story we shared our thoughts and reflections:

Before reading the story we predicted what it might be about. We put on our detective hats and looked at the front cover, illustrations and the title itself for clues;

Jacob –  A rainy day and lonely people. Maybe one house in the rain?

Kuot– Rainy day like today!

Akash  – The people want to go outside and play but they can’t play because it is raining and they’ll find something fun to do inside

Pat – Maybe their house got flooded and they have to escape by the car

After reading the story we discussed our predictions and what the complication of the story was.

Monica – Francis is trying to find a name for her little baby sitter and they call her Grace

Pat –A family coming from their grandma’s house driving home in the rain

Tam-An – They were stuck finding a name for their sister. Sometimes that can be hard!

After reading and critically questioning the story we borrowed our own books for the week.

It is super important that we are reading our books each day at home as we use these as part of our ‘Reading Response’ activity during Literacy Rotations.

Debating BEGINS!

Over the course of this term we have been perfecting our Persuasive Writing Skills! Today we again extended ourselves as we began preparing for our Group Debates!

We split ourselves into groups of 6 in which 3 students are affirmative speakers and 3 negative. Together groups chose a topic that they thought they could passionately argue. As a group we discussed things we might see and hear!

We then began planning and writing our arguments! It was important that both sides of the argument are unaware of the other people’s thoughts to make the debates interesting and more realistic!


Next lesson we will work towards making our arguments sound super professional through specific language!!

Country Imports and Exports!

This afternoon we had our last country inquiry session before it is due Friday!

We discussed how we can represent how our chosen countries are connected to Australia. We discussed what imports and exports are.

Nam – ‘Exports are what goes out the country’

Patrick – ‘Imports are things that come in!’

Individually we researched our countries imports and exports using various websites.

Mohammad – Portugal’s biggest export is vehicles – 5.8million a year!!! Italy have more because they have Buggati’s and Ferrari’s and things.

Akash – Did you know that Iceland sends out oil as well.

Gem – UK exports cars the most!

Hemen – USA sends vehicles, I found it on a pie graph.

Vu – Russia’s biggest one is oil!