Today we continued on with our Chance and Probability Board Games! 

Darcy: There’s a science thing that comes up and you choose heads or tails and there’s different % to make different numbers. If you get heads or tails you move up on the board.

Akash: You have the chance to pick players by spinning the dial. But both players have the same chance.

Steve: Mine is a game of chance you choose the best players you want. You flip a coin to choose the best players. 1/2 chance because there’s two sides to a coin.

Tammy and Gem: You spin the spinner and get a colour to then answer questions. It’s a 1/7 chance.

Dice totals probability

Continuing on from yesterday’s dice game investigation- students had to determine if the game was fair or not by looking at all possible combinations. They also had to work out the number (total) that has the most chance of being rolled based on the amount of combinations it has. Some students expressed each dice total as a chance fraction like zack here did above. Some students then turned this game into a fair game by making sure that each person has 18 possibilities each.