Wonderful Wednesday August 2!

Good morning bloggers! Welcome to Wonderful Wednesday August 2!

Mr. De Palma is away sick today so we openly welcome Miss Borello into our room – two Miss B’s in the one space!

This morning we came in and started our day with a literacy warmup! We have all signed up to Words with Friends Online. Students learn new words as they play in a safe environment with their classmates, and teachers! According to WWF Edu, after playing just six games of Words WIth Friends EDU, students show significant gains in their use of Academic Words.

“We learnt the word ‘QI’ it means Chinese Medicine!”

“Dink is a new word. Like another word for tap.”

“ZA is when you shorten a word it’s American.”

In today’s Guided Reading group we learnt about Mother Teresa of Calcutta as we explored a book written about her.

Justin – “She was from Calcutta and helped the poor.”

Jonas – “She helped people with Medical things.”

As a group we reflected, if we were to start a charity who would we help and why?

Jonas – The reason why I should help the orphan is because people who are at the orphan is does not have a family, they probably DID but then maybe past away so they stayed at an orphan. The reason why I did it is because since they don’t have a family, I would try to help them by doing something really generous and lovely, maybe they have some kind of sickness so I would take them to a hospital and give them what the doctors do.

Nam – Mother Theresa showed compassion for the sick and homeless people in India by showing them that she cares for all of them. She showed that she would do anything for them when she left the church with almost nothing and still continued to cares and teach young children in India. She led a whole group of helpers to open up hospitals to replace overcrowded ones and made vans into clinics. She was very brave and willing to help and teach sick, poor and homeless when she traveled to India, even though that meant never seeing her family again. She had so many helpers that she started a new nun group. It was called the Missionaries of Charity. These actions show how kind and generous Mother Teresa really is.
Lara – If I were to start a charity of my own, I would try to help the disabled and the homeless because some disabilities such as autism, blindness and deaf can not only be hard to survive but also it can be hard to communicate and find things. If you were born blind, you can have troubles figuring out which is which and who is who. If you are born deaf, you can’t really hear things such when people are trying to talk to you, you won’t hear anything. There are many more disabilities but there are too many I couldn’t possibly name them all. I would help the homeless because they could easily get sick. If you have no shelter, it’s a little hard to survive especially if the country has a lot of torrential rain and a lot of snow. Homeless people can easily get sick and the saddest thing was that when I went to Vietnam at the start of the year last year, I saw so much homeless people asking for a donation (I ended up spending most of my money on some donations). I would also help many more people. If I could help every homeless person, then I would!!! I would try and fix all sorts of problems and fix every injury!!! (I can’t really name any problems but I’ll still try to fix as much problems).
Numeracy Warm Up – Beat the teacher place value

We practiced our place value skills today in our numeracy warmup! We had to try and beat Miss Battifuoco by making the highest possible number that was rolled. To her shock but pleasure some of us were able to beat her!!

It was awesome to see the students using their critical and creative thinking skills when deciding where to place each individual number that was rolled. Steve shared with us that “the smaller numbers should always go at the end if you want to make a big one.”

We then continued on with our investigation of perimeter and area by creating and measuring our own shapes;
This afternoon 5/6IB practiced their assembly with R/1EC whilst 5/6DE had a Spanish lesson.