Outdoor classroom day!!!!!

Yesterday, we had Outdoor classroom day, it was really fun overall but my 3 favourite activities were first of all footy, netball and hockey.Footy was my favourite because it was just so fun playing with new people and just playing again after the footy carnival. I loved playing forward because I am loved kicking the ball into the goals and I did kick into the goals few times. Netball was another activity we did, it was really fun playing this too, also seeing boys play was really cool. I played WA (wing attack) all I had to do was give the ball to GA and GS (goal attack and goal shooter) because both of them could shoot we won by one point because we scored 3 and they scored 2. After that we played hockey, it was my first time playing though I did really good as my first time. We had some warm-ups in the starting and after that, we played two games, shark and red rover. Shark was my favourite game because you had to protect your ball form two or three people, I lost the first two games then after that I was the last person standing so I won that game, and in the red rover I got out in the first round. We also had nature scavenger hunt, it wasn’t my favourite because it was quite boring because all you had to do is find stuff for an hour.

Buddies- What would you like to do together?

Today Mrs Rodger’s class and Mr De Palma’s class spoke about what they would like to do for buddies. They discussed and illustrated their ideas…..


Josh and Paul: playing soccer

Johnny, Zack Dom and Kuot and Dion: soccer ballondor presentation

Aaliyah B, Yen My, Kasharna, Aolani, Alissa, Ruby: Science experiments, cooking and wood work

Dom V, Chester: Soccer

Nathalie and Sara: An adventure finding an animal.

Sonnie, Jemma: Catch the crazy prisoner

Tino, Dom m, VT: under the sea

Christian, Nate and Darcy: Beach roll play adventure.

Annalise, Emily, My-An: going on adventures and discovering mysteries

Olek and Blake: using a laptop

Colonial Cottages Update!

This week we have been spending time in the STEaM room working collaboratively and productively on our Colonial Cottages. 

As we get closer to putting on the final touches to our houses we are starting to see some really creative ideas! Some of us have used natural materials from outside to enhance the authenticity of our houses!

Take a look at our progress 🙂