Enjoying the Sunshine!

Together as a group we have discussed and investigated how important it is to spend time outside and being active each day! Today we were rewarded with some free time fitness after so many of us worked hard in Numeracy to find Tessellating Angles. It is awesome to see students playing fairly together and even creating some new games!

We had people playing baseball, soccer, tennis, kick ball, medicine ball races and a very serious handball tournament! 

Thanks for turning on the beautiful weather today universe 🙂 

Country inquiry sharing- DE

Here are some shots of some super inquiry projects on a range of countries!

We have been showing them off to our guided reading groups in literacy rotation time by selecting a few interesting aspects to talk about and show!!

Finland- Aolani

Aaliyah H- USA

Dom M- USA

Thien An- France

Janjeara- Thailand

Kasharna- Holland

VT- France

Vietnam- Cameron

Uruguay- Christian

Ireland- Zack

Presenting our Country Inquiries!

We have all worked super hard to investigate and inquire into a country of our own choice over the last few weeks. An important part of learning is actually sharing what we have found! 

During Guided Reading this week, each student will present their inquiry to the smaller group, showing interesting facts and findings. This is a great chance to practice projecting our voice and using expression in our communication.

Victor presented Russia to us! He told us that the capital city was Moscow!

Mohammad told us that Portugal have the same Christmas as Australia!

Steve told us that people in Belgium eat lots of fried mussels.

Nati shared that the Atlantic Ocean surrounds the USA.

Hemen informed us that July 4 in America is a holiday! They get the day off because it is a public holiday. It’s like Australia Day. The capital city is Washington!

Tammy told us that the UK is on the Northern side of the Hemisphere.

Jacob shared that people in the UK love to eat bacon sandwiches, roast dinners, cups of tea, fish and chips and yorkshire puddings!

Debating BEGINS!

Over the course of this term we have been perfecting our Persuasive Writing Skills! Today we again extended ourselves as we began preparing for our Group Debates!

We split ourselves into groups of 6 in which 3 students are affirmative speakers and 3 negative. Together groups chose a topic that they thought they could passionately argue. As a group we discussed things we might see and hear!

We then began planning and writing our arguments! It was important that both sides of the argument are unaware of the other people’s thoughts to make the debates interesting and more realistic!


Next lesson we will work towards making our arguments sound super professional through specific language!!

Positive and Healthy For Life!


In today’s fitness session Akash and Patrick set up a new game for us all to play.

The aim of the game was to stay on an island whilst sharks were trying to attack! If you stood on an island (coloured disc) you were safe from the dangerous sharks. The sharks could only attack (tag) when people were in the water swimming and not on an island. If you got caught by a shark you turned into one yourself and then had to try and catch people who were island hopping!

Steve shared the best way to win! – ‘When you are on your island and there’s two people looking around looking for someone and they run, then you tag them and they run away so you pretty much set them up to be touched by someone else. You have to get them into trouble to survive yourself!’

Fish Farm Visit!

This afternoon we visited Mr. McCarthy and the Fish Farm!

Mr. McCarthy updated with what has been happening and the future goals for the Farm. We also touched based on the Nitrogen Cycle which is something we might focus on in class further!

We carefully observed the fish in the farm before staying outdoors and creating our own fish drawings to be used for decoration!