I like 2dh and 2mp’s assembly because it was good I liked how they wrote a book about themselves. I also liked how they were doing different cracking sounds and they thought that the chicks were hatching. I liked at the end of the assembly hoe they put that funny chicken dance I liked it.

my week

this week me and 3 others at recess and such we made a big house on Minecraft it took us 3 days and we just finished  the 2nd story and that was my speck of gold on the weekend my soccer team is having a match against parahills west the first time we had a match against them we lost 5-1 and it was really hard to beat them and on Saturday we have a movie night with the soccer team we are watching the lego batman and gladly i haven’t watched it yet also this week       i have learned good maths shapes can tessellate and how some other ones can’t and also I’m getting closer to to finishing my book in class


Reflection on learning this week

This week we did debating and it was fun because we got a lot of ideas for our topic and our topic was “should we pay for plastic bags?” we chose it because we thought it was an interesting topic. For literacy rotations it made understand more about my book for reading response and for our guided reading this week we didn’t get to read about Space Demons because we were presenting our country inquiry to our group. For my country inquiry task my country was Japan and i chose that country because i heard that it was interesting and an amazing country. For numeracy we did tessellating shapes and it was fun because i found out that some shapes couldn’t tesselate because some of the angles didn’t fit into 360° for example: triangle angle equaled 60° and it could fit into 360°. For my science experiment i was so proud cause for our first try we had 4 balls and had to see which one dropped first but we had 4 balls and we couldn’t make them drop at the same time because it was too many to handle. For the second try of our science it worked because we did it with only 2 balls and we got it to drop at the same time.

Assembly/specks of gold


I liked the assembly because there were chicks involved and the year 2’s acting was really good, my favourite part was when the techno chicken video came up because it was funny but kind of cringe a the same time. Here are a few of my specks of gold from this week~

My first speck of gold was when my friends and I had a feast, we had lots of food, we normally have feasts during

mindfulness so that we can be calm while we eat.

my second speck of gold was when I went shopping at tea tree plaza and bought some clothes.


Todays assembly was really good and my most favourite bit was when they showed us the timelapse of the chickens and the dance was also very good i loved the songs and the dance moves were also very good.

Week 8 assembly

Today we had assembly, it was by 2DH and 2MP. They first showed a video trailer about the chicks when the classes were coming in. The assembly was based of a book called Hunwick’s egg by Mem fox and Pamela Lofts. But instead they did it their version. They first started it with a a thunder storm and then some weird eggs appeared out of nowhere. So.. they were trying to work out what was inside of those eggs like crocodiles or sharks or any other creature like that. Afterwards they showed a video of them trying to research what was in those eggs. Then they were showing other stuff too. They showed a prayer video and some speakers said somethings during that video. Afterwards at around the end, the eggs hatched into cute little chicks. Afterwards 2DH and MP did a dance for the school to see and after that there was teacher messages, it was refugee week and they showed a video for that. It was about refugees and there was two refugee stories from students in the school. Then 2DH and MP showed another video about their learning. Then it was time to go back to class.




Today me and my class went to a assembly it was a good assembly it was about chicks hatching, it was also about patients because the students had to wait for the chicks to hatch, the assembly took really long but it was worth it because it was a really good assembly, there was this really cringe part where this girl why don’t we investigate and she moved her hips and her hands together  it was really funny, I liked how the kids knew what they were saying and they spoke loudly and clearly so that people can hear them, and over all it was a great assembly it was a good assembly to teach you that you also have to be patients.