My Holidays – Aaliyah Hourigan

The first week of holidays i went to my Grandmas because we were staying over for 2 nights but we were staying for 3 days just so my mum could still work without any distractions and we did lots of playing on their iPad’s but we also did playing outside in the edible garden and with their next door neighbor’s dog called Millie because they were on a cruise but Cierra (my sister) and I actually like Big Millie and the reason why we call her Big Millie is because we have got a puppy called Millie and we take her to Grandma’s a lot so we just use it so that they know which one we are talking about and to. And for the rest of the week we did nothing. But On Thursday we went to my Nan’s house to see my cousins and have a play and so i can see my Nan but mainly so my mum can work i took my iPad and Laptop i ended up playing my iPad because that is the only device in the house that ROBLOX works on so i let my sister play Minecraft on my laptop instead but i also played cops and robbers and my Nan put out three colours of kinetic sand and we played with that for a lot of the day too!


On the second week my dad had the holidays off but we just stayed at home and did nothing but in the afternoon i played my iPad and FaceTimed Imogen and my other cousin family friend Sienna. On Wednesday we got dressed into some nice clothes and went out for breakfast and we went to a pancake place in Port Adelaide and after that my parents didn’t really know what to do but somehow or rather we ended up at Winter Fest! My sister and i were so cold because we didn’t plan on going so they didn’t put us in warmer clothes, while we were there we were pretty early so it wasn’t that busy so we had a look around and we ended up signing up for ginger bread decoration how fun! We went to the playground to pass some time and there was a hamster wheel and  my sister and I had fun playing on it! On Thursday we went to Tee Tree Plaza and we spent the day going from shop to shop getting stuff for my Mum for her birthday but she had to pick all the stuff because we didn’t know what to get her. On Friday we just did nothing again and i played my iPad in the afternoon and FaceTimed Imogen again. Then we went to the movies to see Despicable Me 3 and after the movie we went to the boat deck cafe and ate dinner and after dinner we went to the indulge place next to target and near the boat deck cafe and had some fondue and my dad had a chocolate and strawberry crepe while we were waiting  for our desserts my dad went to Wool Worths to get my mum a birthday card. On Saturday it was my Mum’s birthday and their friends Brooke and Anthony were coming over in the afternoon and my dad moved the sofa bed into the lounge room under the TV and moved the center table out of the way so my sister and I played in the room for the rest of the day and when they came we went to my Nan’s for a sleepover. On Sunday we went to the movies with my Nan and Pop and we saw Diary Of A Wimpy Kid.

The Holidays

In the holidays I stayed at  my grandma and grandpas house. On the first day my cousins Sam and Tom came over to see me we had lunch together and then we watched a movie together called the sound of music.. After went out to a restaurant called Buongiornos it is across the road from Mitcham shopping center to have cake and coffee. It was really nice. Then we all went back home. Then it was time for my cousins to go back home so their dad came and picked them up. After we had dinner. We had spaghetti bolognese . The next day my grandma and I went to Marion shopping center to go shopping. We went to typo first. Typo is a stationary shop I bought a lot of things. After we had lunch at cafe primo. I had some raisin toast and my grandma had a coffee. Then we went to Kmart and target to go clothes shopping then we went home. Then when we got home I watched a movie called lemony snicket’s a series of unfortunate events. It was a really good movie. My favorite part was when count Olaf went undercover and the children knew it was him but no one else knew that it was him. Then I watched pretty little liars on Netflix on my laptop.  That is my favorite show. Then we had dinner. We had steak and salad and roast potatoes. Then I went to bed. The next morning my dad picked me up from my grandma and grandpas house at 10:00am . I went home with him I got my school clothes ready and went to bed. In the middle of the week  I stayed at my mums house and did boring things.

My Holiday

On the first week of holidays i went over to my friend Brodie’s Nan’s house with him and his Nan bought us a really big air hockey table and we played on it all day and i won 17 tournaments and Brodie only one 10. The next morning we had to wake up early because we were going to see Diary of a Wimpy Kid the Long Haul and it was really good i think it might be the best one they made even tho the people were different and i liked the end were the kid Manny leads them back to his pet pig that he got earlier in the movie. On the first week and Thursday i went over to my friend baileys house and we made a really big fort to sleep in and we road on his half pipe with our scooters and had a party late at night. On Sunday i played a game of soccer but we lost 2-0 🙁 then i had to pack on Monday to go to Moonta Bay to go to my Nan’s house for 5 days. On Tuesday my Pop picked me and my Sister up from my house and then drove us all the way there. On Tuesday my Nan booked a movie spot to see cars 3 with my sister and it was the best cars YET!! cars 3 is my childhood movie and the ending was very ,very good. On Thursday and Friday me a my sister went to the Ambulance station to make really cool cards for Christmas and birthdays and they look so good.

In the holiday’s

in the holidays I went camping with my mum friends it was so fun so first off  I arrived at the place and we weren’t allowed on our devices so my mum brang a tonne of board games so then me my sister and more people played monopoly after that we went and got some food and then we went back and did some fishing and then more people arrived then we played card games while watching tv then we played monopoly in teams then after that we made our bed and watched something and then at 2:00AM we went to bed then the next day we went fishing and then we went to the park at the park we played chasey then we went back home played more board games then I went outside and played more the I just did more thing and then at 1:00AM I went to bed

when I came back from camping 4 days later Tammy,Hemen and Gem came over to my house we had such a great time so first Tammy,Gem and Hemen came over then we played a board game and then we had lunch for lunch we had a BBQ and then we all went outside and roasted marshmallows near the fire after that we played capture the flag after a few games me and my friends went inside and we did a cooking challenge me ant Tammy made pudding and chocolate milk and Hemen and Gem made a marshmallow and decorated it with cereal and other stuff and my sister and Tammy’s sister was the judge and there was no winner because it was a tie then we all went to Tammy’s house then 30 mins later gem went home the at 7:30 me Tammy and Hemen went shopping so first we went and bought some glue then we went and bought containers and then we went to the food court and bought some food then after that we went home and dropped Hemen off at her house.

Holiday Reflection

On the first week of the holiday I had to stay home because my dad had to go to work and my mum was too busy so me and my sibling just watched tv and we sometimes went over to peoples house so that they can look after us. But on the weekend me and my family went to the swimming pool we stayed there for an hour then we went to Chatime for the second time, we tried different type of drinks because we wanted to know which one was better and we agreed that the premium pearls milk tea was the best. On the second week we had to go to my mums english school but on Friday someone invited us to go to Hoyt’s cinema we watched Transformers it started at 8:30pm and ended at 11:00pm, the person who invited us bought us drinks but not popcorn because she made the popcorn at home and I have to admit it was really good. Then on the weekend we went to the swimming pool in the afternoon but this time we didn’t go to chatime we went shopping after swimming we spent about $100 on the food for back to school. After that we went to my mums friends house to eat then on Sunday we went to church in the morning then we went home and we had a barbecue my mum invited some of her friends over. After I ate I prepared my bag and other stuff for school then after that I played on the laptop and went to sleep .

My holiday :)

In the holidays I did a lot of things, like fun and scary, so let’s start off with what I did first. So on the first Saturday, some families and my family went to Renmark for a day and stayed there. It was really fun “until” scary things started happing…
It all started little, like hearing cupboard doors shutting and closing when you were all alone in the room, but what really happened, was there was a hook thing that would only be able to be opened from the inside and no matter how hard you tried, you can’t open it from outside and our friends locked that and came out of the back door. When they realised they forget the torch inside they tried to get in but the couldn’t and we tried so hard for so land and suddenly at 7:00 pm the lock opened and so did the back door we all entered the room at the same time, we thought that each other opened the lock but it couldn’t be, But we didn’t take it seriously that time. Again in that same room at exactly 3:00 am, the blind was opened in half not upwards but like someone was actually some holding it and pushing it to the middle and we were shocked and traumatised by that experience. Also, guess what we found? Well, we realised this only happened here because there was no bible in that room so that should automatically conclude why that happened, but we still had a lot of fun. We went to an Orange farm and got some oranges and we went to a vineyard and our dads bought some vines.

The next thing I did was, well went to a family gathering that we have every fortnightly on Fridays and that’s the people we mostly do things with. So what we did was eat a lot of Krispy Kreme doughnuts and a whole lot of other tasty food. We also played bingo and I won $6 and we played Uno. I Also went to latitude with my friends and did really cool tricks like front flips, back flips and parkour, I climbed the pink spiral and jumped down and it was sooooo scary, Then I had some food and drinks and went home. 🙂

in the Holidays

In the Holidays I sat down allot to play Pokemon brick bronze in Roblox I was GRINDING to make my Pokemon perfect it took 2 days to get a perfect Inkay and Inkay is a squid like Pokemon its evolution is very good in competitive battling put superpower with contrary and contrary is a ability for inlay it like when someone uses a stat lowering move it raises. Its stats up and if it uses a stat boosting move its stats will decrease but only in battle it stats will be normal after that battle I had to get 2 Inkays because I failed to evolve it last time by flipping my iPhone but I did it with my second Inkay and when it evolved it was a monster in competitive it was very scary to deal with in competitive battling.

Another thing is did in the holidays is laser skirmish which was a birthday party for my cousin and I gave him 150! and he didn’t’t even say thank you to me I called him spoiled after that all of his friends were soccer kids and me and his other cousins where the non soccer kids we were called the odd 1s out  back to the laser skirmish  I got killed allot I think I killed allot of people I I died allot easily but only because. The birthday boy was on the other team and I was on the other team and everyone wanted to be on the birthday boys team so it was 12 onto 6 which was what I saw on the leaderboard and it was also my first time going there I thought I would do good at it I don’t really think I did. ;D

And also I even went to the cinemas with Mason , we watched SPIDER MAN HOMECOMING it made Spiderman one of my most favourite heroes and after we watched it we went to Toys R us to buy game for Angelinas friend we ended up buying toy called speak up I think it was for 16 and over and. After we bought the toy we went out for BUBBLE TEA/boba/cha time it  was my second favourite thing to do the the whole time I was with Mason.