Maths Probability task

The first spinner was with doubles and a lot of doubles came up and there was 1 and 6 chance of getting a double. When I added another spinner there are not that many chances of getting a triple because there is only 1 out of 36 chances of getting a triple. When spinner the 3 spinner 36 times I didn’t get any triple’s so I had to spin it 200 times to get a triple. The first spinner I span it more than 40 times and I got 7 doubles.

on the weekend I..

On Saturday I went to st. Kilda to celebrate one of my family friends birthday, it was so windy the plates kept flying away.. IT WAS SO ANNOYING… Anyway  there was so much food there were spring rolls, chicken, spaghetti, and many more.. I went on nearly all of the rides/playgrounds in st. Kilda, but if your on the slide and you want to go faster then get something to sit on  (card board, jacket, a rug. etc) if you want to go really fast then I would recommend using a cotton jacket. on Sunday I went to wizbang for my other family friends birthday.

about my weekend by Zack.

On Friday I had a good day at school because i worked really well and when i got home i got a haircut!! On Saturday i woke up to see my cousin Jed play his grand final against Munno para and he won 4-0 and then later on in the day i went to bounce for my friends birthday party and then in the night we sat outside in front of the fire and cooked some chicken wings over it and then i did some Frisbee trick shots. On Sunday i played a game against a team called the pirates and we won 1-0 and i almost scored.


On Saturday I went to pre-uni in the morning like usual, but this time in my math I got 100% and in English 95%, After pre-uni, my dad took me to subway after I finished my subway we went to my dance class. After the dance class, when we were going home my sister and I got into a fighting, so my dad got really angry and told my sister and me to get out of the car and walk home, (our home wasn’t too far and all the time our dad’s car was behind us.) when we reached home we had 2hours of free time after that we had to go to the Punjabi Virsa to see my friends performance.
When we were coming home we got a call from our neighbours that someone has jumped into their backyard also on their roof, I got so scared but then I forgot all about it because we went to hungry jacks.

During the weekend!!

During the weekend on Saturday I stayed at home cause my dad went to work so I used my iPad as usual and then when it was lunch time so I ate KFC then when it was the afternoon and my dad had arrived so then we all had a little nap before dinner. Then  it was dinner so for dinner we decided to go to my grandma’s house to eat dinner after that we went home. On Sunday we had a barbecue with my parent’s friend sadly non of my Vietnamese friends came over so I was lonely but then I had a teenager friend that came over she bought a puppy over to my house the puppy’s name was called Nori. I wasn’t sure what type of dog it was but it had brown patches and also had white patches. we play with it for a while but then Nori pooped all over the floor so we had to clean it up it smelled so bad then it was time for lunch. I made myself a hotdog and I tested out if Nori  would I the sausage turned out she liked it so I grabbed a piece of sausage and ripped it into little pieces so she could eat it then after lunch I played a little bit of Minecraft cause I was a little bored of playing with Nori after I finished playing Minecraft I played with her again until Nori left then Nori left so I just went back to playing Minecraft. Then once everyone left I went to bed and then it was dinner time so we went to my grandma’s house again we ate beef and veggies for dinner.