The twits by Zack.

My favourite part of the twits is were Mrs twit pranked Mr twit by putting worms in his noodles and Mr twit wanted to prank her back my pretending that she is shrinking by making her walking stick taller and taller every day. When they went outside Mr twit got lots of balloons and tide her to the ground and streched her out. But  the thing was she flew away and that’s why i liked the twits book.


the twits


This is my favourite part of the twits book its about Mrs twit and how she had ugly thoughts and because she was ugly on the inside it made her ugly on the outside to so make sure your not thinking about ugly things or you might become like Mrs twit ugly inside and out. And this teachers you a really good lesson don’t think ugly thoughts.



Guided Reading Onion Tears?!

Onion Tears WHAT!?

This was Group 3’s response to our new book we are reading!

We discussed and predicted what we think the story might be about before we started reading! We used the front cover as a clue!

Jonas – She cuts and onions and gets tears

Nam – She chops onions and then she cries or maybe she names a swallow an onion

Dhyana – She leaves onions like tears of sadness

Justin – She names the goose onion


Wednesday August 16

Good morning bloggers! 

Last reminder that tomorrow, Thursday (August 17) we will celebrate the Feast of the Assumption! Our classes are hosting the mass at 11:30am in the hall – all are welcome! 

School photo forms can be returned to class teachers ahead of photos next Tuesday August 22.