Today me and my class went to a assembly it was a good assembly it was about chicks hatching, it was also about patients because the students had to wait for the chicks to hatch, the assembly took really long but it was worth it because it was a really good assembly, there was this really cringe part where this girl why don’t we investigate and she moved her hips and her hands together  it was really funny, I liked how the kids knew what they were saying and they spoke loudly and clearly so that people can hear them, and over all it was a great assembly it was a good assembly to teach you that you also have to be patients.

Fun Friyay June 23!

Good morning fellow Bloggers!

Another reminder that the dates on the Camp Permission Form are incorrect, the correct dates for the 5/6 Camp Dates are;

Week 9: June 28 – June 30 (Wednesday to Friday next week)

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. Camp Payments must be made prior to departure. Thank you!

We hope you have a splendid weekend filled with many specks of gold! P.S. Happy Camp preparing/packing! 

Enjoying the Sunshine!

Together as a group we have discussed and investigated how important it is to spend time outside and being active each day! Today we were rewarded with some free time fitness after so many of us worked hard in Numeracy to find Tessellating Angles. It is awesome to see students playing fairly together and even creating some new games!

We had people playing baseball, soccer, tennis, kick ball, medicine ball races and a very serious handball tournament! 

Thanks for turning on the beautiful weather today universe 🙂