Natural Disasters – Flooding 101!

Today Miss Booth lead us in discussion discussion surrounding NATURAL DISASTERS:

Arthi – Something that happens to the earth

Dhyana – Something happens in the world but humans can’t control

“What kind of Natural Disasters do we know of?”

Gemma – Flooding

Darcy – Sink holes

Dom M – Tornado

Nam – Earthquake

Akash – Tsunami

Yen-My – Cyclone

Steve – Hurricane

Jess – Bushfires

Darcy – Blizzards

Victor – Avalanche

Aaliyah H – The water raises higher than what it should

Poetry Pondering…

Today we began exploring the notion of Poetry.

Miss Battifuoco introduced the topic with a clip of Shawn Medes singing ‘Nothing holding me back.’ We were surprised to hear that music is a form of poetry in itself. 

We brainstormed what we knew about Poetry before beginning some of our own initial investigating!  Check out our personal blogs 🙂 

My – “Onomatopoeia is like a sound for a word.”

Paul – “Similie is when you compare two things like that short as a worm.”

Alex – “Personification is when you describe something more. Like more detail for it.”

Jonas – “A rhyme is when something sounds like another word.”


Start of Day Activities!

On Monday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings we will be starting our day a little differently. Our new SODA’s… (not the fanta kind), will be on the board for us to attempt as we enter the room in the morning.

The Start of Day Activities range from brainteasers, puzzles, jumbled letters and more! We will complete these at the back of our Learning Journals and share responses either in the morning or at the end of the day. 

Here is todays SODA!

After completing the brainteasers we met as a group to discuss!

Erika told us that DESIGNATE is the longest word that could be made.

Dhyana had over 94 sums to make 85!

Amber shared a question; “What goes from liquid to solid in a freezer?”

Sammy made 4 words using the jumbled letters – “cat, he, sun and at”

This was a new and exciting way to start our days and to really get our brains ticking! We look forward to doing this again on Monday!