WONDERFUL Wednesday February 11 – Week 3 Term 1

Welcome to WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY February 11! 

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This morning our group of volunteer helpers will work with Mr McCarthy in the Fish Farm completing various different jobs to care for our fish! 

Each Wednesday morning we will collaborating with your neighbours next door to investigate various provocations. Across the four classes there will be different activities to engage with and explore. As a group we discussed how these sessions provide a chance for you to explore, question, inquire, research, be creative and express your imagination and learning (100 languages). This week we have added and removed various provocations after reflecting together on engagement last week.

Play Based Investigations across 4 classes;

  • Hamabeads
  • Giant Jenga
  • Makers Empire
  • Emroidery
  • Yoga
  • Watercolours
  • Lego construction
  • iMovie creation
  • Strategic game play
  • Minecraft stadium
  • Marshmellow STEM challenge
  • Notebook writing


  • Kayla – Ruby and I are painting sunsets. Ive seen one real one before and then using my mind to imagine what it would be
  • Stefan – Me, Ayrton and Billy are continuing on making our biggest stadium but adding food for people eat
  • Yafet – We are going to make an iMovie but make it PG rated so people like to watch it
  • Fayzan – Me and Alan are using teamwork to play uno stacko
  • Rachel – I am attempting to make a flower using embroidery



How did Jesus show LOVE?

  • Riya – Jesus showed love by the Samaritan helping the person who got beat up
  • Jai – Jesus helped the man on the ground to stay safe
  • Deng – The priest ignored him, second guy ignored him and when the third one came he helped him
  • Lia – Jesus helped those in need


We have started learning the basics of European Handball in our PE lessons. We took the opportunity to practice our skills in fitness today!


We continued our learning surrounding number and place value today. Together we completed a Kahoot surrounding this topic. Kahoot’s are an online quiz forum in which we all answer the questions together. Students love this engaging way of not only introducing a topic, but also reviewing and reinforcing knowledge. 

We also set up our online Prodigy Math Accounts. Prodigy is a free, Pokemon-style math game that has been proven to improve student scores and confidence! It is aligned to the curriculum for grades 1-6, and features content from each of the five major strands. In 5/6IB and 5/6MS we aim to use Prodigy with a few goals in mind including; to create deep engagement with math topics being covered in class, equip teachers with assessment tools to inform their instruction, and provide curriculum aligned content! Students can access Prodigy at both home and school s0 the learning never ends!


Mrs Harrison came in to lead our special Art lesson this afternoon. Provocation:Using the sign language alphabet write your name. Challenge yourself to see if you can hand draw these! Leave the hands white, outline with black and decorate the background.

Thank you for a positive day! See you tomorrow 🙂 

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