WONDERFUL Wednesday March 25 – Week 9 Term 1

Welcome to WONDERFUL Wednesday March 25!


We began our day with some fresh air and vitamin D! The importance of moving our bodies is as paramount as ever!


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This morning for prayer we discussed our Project Compassion boxes provided to us by Caritas Australia.

  • Ruby – It looks like a money box we want to give to charity
  • Isaiah– We want to give money to charity
  • Kayla S – The money goes to all different charities

This money goes towards food, shelter, protection, schools. Today’s prayer surrounded Project Compassion.

A just future might mean…

  • Isaiah – A better future
  • Hong -Phuoc – A just future is a future with peace where everyone is equal
  • Ayrton – A better life
  • Devon – They’re donating to the charities to create a better life
  • Isaiah – Justice is like being good and helping. Companies give help and food to them
  • Kai – The companies might be fighting for them like Vinnies

Together we shared a special Project Compassion prayer. 


Today we completed our Wednesday literacy rotations;

  • Visual Literacy in the form of an advertising activity to be viewed on the laptop.
  • Word Knowledge activity aimed to support our learning surrounding Spelling.
  • Class Novel Boy Overboard.
  • Reading Comprehension completed in our literacy books surrounding World Water Day.
  • Guided Reading group in which students will read with the teacher



Students working from home are also completing this work 🙂


  • Nhi – You have to use questions that have more than one answer

Today we began our new living things inquiry. This inquiry links to the Year 5 Curriculum – Biological sciences – Living things have structural features and adaptations that help them to survive in their environment and Year 6 Curriculum – Biological sciences – The growth and survival of living things are affected by physical conditions of their environment

Together we re-capped what living things actually are. We did this through discussion and a class Kahoot! 

Together we co-constructed  the criteria for our living things inquiry; 

Today we completed the first step and chose what we would like to focus our living inquiry on!

  • Kayla – Dolphins
  • Kai – Killer whales
  • Terese – Hampster
  • Athou – Panda

Please feel free to ask your students about this tonight! 


Introducing PIXEL ART!

A pixel is a really small unit of a digital picture. If we zoomed into a picture, it is made up of tiny little squares that is solid.


Have a happy afternoon at home!

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