Thursday May 21 – Week 4 Term 2

Welcome to Thursday May 21!


This morning we began our partnership with 2RG and 2FA where our wonderful Year 5/6 students will be supporting Year 2 children with their reading on Thursday and Friday mornings for the remainder of the term. During this time children will support in developing and fostering positive reading strategies for the younger children, and in turn, develop their own reading skills using reading strategies such as rereading, read aloud and how to make an inference.

As our 5/6 group will be split into 3 groups, the groups who are not supporting the year 2’s will develop their reading stamina and read independently with their teachers.

  • Jeffery – We helped them sound out some words, congratulate them some times
  • Alex M – We read the Bible and Guiness World Record. They were excited because I was showing them the book
  • Kayla – I helped them sound out some words


This morning Miss Farina planned an awesome getting to know you activity for us! We got to share a special fact about ourselves to help her get to know each of us. A basket was passed around the circle where children chose a random colour and had to respond with the question attached to that colour.


Thank you to Samuel and Paxton who lead our prayer for today.


Reader’s Notebook today wad focused on the strategy of ‘Making an inference.’ What do we think it might be?

  • Riya – Predicting
  • Rachel – Thinking about what happens next
  • Kai – Changing your tone

  • Grace – Things from your prior knowledge
  • Riya – Thinking of what is happening and what may happen next

Together we read the first page of Chapter 30 – What can we infer? *Think, pair, share

  • Aaron – The government might come
  • Jamie – Maybe the government might not let them go, I know this because of what happened before
  • Alex R – They might be smuggling deadly weapons

After we explored together as a class how to make an inference, children independently read and engaged in making inferences within their own reading and texts.


We began with a group game and tried to beat our class record of saying our 3x tables aloud! Our trusty time keeper Riya told us that our first attempt was 2 minutes and 3 seconds. We managed to beat this my over a minute with some practice! Our highest score we got was 28.59 seconds. Practice makes permanent! 🙂



Our Writer’s Notebook focus of topic sentences proved very helpful this afternoon. With the help of an amazing book from our library, we delved deeper into the causes of the Natural Disasters we chose.

Have a lovely Thursday afternoon and evening! 

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