MAGIC Monday June 22 – Week 9 Term 2

Welcome to Monday June 22!

Week 9 WOW!

Today we say ‘good bye’, actually we say ‘see you soon’ to Miss Farina. We are so grateful for your time in our learning community. Thank you for your commitment, passion, kindness and dedication. We think you’re going to be the best teacher ever!


We continued working on our fiction books in Spanish this morning. We have engaged with this provocation all term and are excited to finish and share our learning.  Stay tuned! 


This morning we head outside to complete another session of stamina running. We have the option to run, jog or even walk. Our aim is to be moving our bodies in some way for the entire 20 minutes. We then record our achievements on a column graph.


Today we shared a special prayer altogether as a class. We engaged in a Guided Meditation. It was called ‘Jesus is for Everyone.’

How does Jesus show he loves all off us?

  • Hong-Phuc – He told Peter to leave us be and he wanted to hear our laughter all the time. He belongs to us and it means he loves us and is in our hearts and will always listen
  • Rachael – He was polite in the way he told Peter to let the children go
  • Ayrton – He cares about everyone
  • Billy – He is always in our hearts
  • Yafet – He wants to accept everyone no matter what


Today we focussed on our Word Study for the week. Our focus words have been chosen from our writing on Friday surrounding Refugees. Our attitudes towards our word study is focussed and positive which the teachers were delighted to hear!


Collaboratively we re-capped the different reading strategies that we have focussed on this term. Students had the opportunity to share their understandings of reading aloud, determining importance and reading aloud. 


Thank you to the lovely ladies in the canteen who provided us a beautiful, delicious shared lunch today! We said grace and showed our gratitude for such a lovely group experience.  We were grateful to eat spring rolls, fried rice and even some chocolate mousse for dessert! This was a lovely way to spend Miss Farina’s last day. 


Due to our shared lunch, today we visited the library as a double class. Miss Farina read our story ‘Garbage Guts’.


What do you think the book will be about?

  • Aymen – His guts might be made out of garbage
  • Alex M – The anatomy of the garbage monster
  • Alan – Maybe… garbage day
  • Stefan – The garbage
  • Jai – Maybe there is a garbage guts who is evil
  • Ayrton – The garbage man used to be human until he got all the old garbage and it was a tsunami and then made him turn into a guts
  • Kai – There was lots of garbage and they liked the garbage so maybe they lived
  • Deng – The garbage pieces might be coming together
  • Grace – So a spirit possessed the garbage and then it came to life
  • Alex R – It might explain pollution
  • Tristan – So someone is brave enough to dump into a large garbage can and find a large behemoth

What was the message of the story?

  • Rachael – To recycle rubbish
  • Phillip – So we can live you need to recycle
  • Isaiah – To reduce waste and not get trash in the water
  • Deng – You want to reduce sea waste
  • Eva – So less rubbish goes into the ocean we need to recycle
  • Kayla S – So that animals don’t eat it and become endangered


  • Paxton – She always helped me with every inquiry and she has been one of the best student teachers that I have had
  • Kayla S – I am really going to miss her because she has been a friend to everyone and really kind
  • Aymen – Miss Farina has  been such a kind and nice teacher
  • Yafet and Billy – She always made me laugh and she would join in and helps collaborate better
  • Lia – She is angel sent from heaven
  • Deng – She is always happy and full of excitement every day
  • Ayrton – Miss Farina helped me with my refugee art and if I win I will give her half the money
  • Alex M – I want her to stay forever because she is really nice
  • Jai – She is one of the best student teachers I have had
  • Alex R – I hope she gets a good career and a good and well educated school
  • Alan – She made me feel happy
  • Ruby – She made me feel happy because she is full of kindness and joy
  • Stefan – She is one of the best student teachers I know and she helped me read and write. I hope she graduates and be with us next year!
  • Rachael – She will never be replaced that’s how kind she is
  • Hong-Phuc – She is an angel sent from heaven and I hope she has the best education and comes back to this school 🙂

Thank you for our generous gifts! We will miss you! All the very best 🙂

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