TEAM Tuesday June 23 – Week 9 Term 2

Welcome to Team Tuesday June 23!


We began our day with a short grammar warm up. We received a short passage of Scripture about John the Baptist which needed many edits and additions for it to make sense and read correctly.


Tuesday mornings we continue to explore our reading and specifically reading strategies such re-reading and reading aloud.

Rereading helps students read with greater fluency, allowing them to give more attention to making sense of what they have read (Pikulski and Chard, The Reading Teacher, March 2005). Rereading helps students develop greater accuracy in reading.

Reading aloud is widely recognized as the single most important activity leading to language development. Among other things, reading aloud builds word-sound awareness in children, a potent predictor of reading success.

Children explored independently reading for 10 minutes, and then shared their re-reading and read aloud strategies with a partner for a further 5 minutes.


Introducing… homophones! This was all the buzz last week with a group of students so we have decided to focus on this group of words for the week. We discussed what we thought a homophone might be…

Phillip – Two words that sound the same but are spelt different

Homophones are words that are spelled differently, have different meanings yet sound the same.


Isaiah – Witch and Which

Eva – To, Too and Two

Alex M – Where and Wear

We explored our prior knowledge through a Kahoot!

We then discussed different types of homophones and how we would use them.

We then recorded our own list of homophones in our Writers Notebook! 


John the Baptist

What does it been to be baptised?

Stefan – What ever Religion you are you become that Religion

Yafet – You get baptised to wash away sins

Why may you not be baptised?

Alix – You can choose your own Religion

What was John’s top character strength

Deng – Bravery, because he was brave to baptise Jesus

Tristan – Kindness, by baptising people

Yafet – Care, he cafred about others to wash away their sins

Billy – Humility, because he did not care about himself him wanted to put others before him

Hong-Phuc – Compassionate, thought of others

Rachael – Forgiveness, because he forgave people’s sins

Jai – Creativity, because he tried to find something he could use to baptise people


As a class we completed a times table warm up in the form of a rock, paper, scissors game. We versed a partner and instead of showing a paper, scissors or rock, we showed a number with our fingers. The first person to answer the multiplication created by our hand and our partners hand correctly was the winner!

We then moved into recording our 8 times tables in our books! Some of us used a 100 chart to help us.

To finish our numeracy workshop for the day, we completed a short quiz which enabled us to share all our learning and understanding surrounding square and triangular numbers.



Children used their afternoon to continue working on their Shark Tank Inquiry.

Wishing everyone a safe and pleasant evening! 🙂

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