Catholic Identity Friday June 26 – Week 9 Term 2

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Welcome to Catholic Identity Day!

Over the past few years this day has been an opportunity for our school to focus on Catholic Identity in our context.Teachers provide invitational and open opportunities for students to express and deepen their understanding of their own Catholic Identity. This year we are focusing on the theme of: Deepening Our Catholic Identity.


What message was Father Shibu trying to get across?

  • Jai – We are all allowed no matter what culture we are
  • Riya – We are all unique
  • Stefan – We all come together even though we are united

Provocation: How do you think the Catholic Church can better engage young people? 

Arrow, Jamie, Devon, Phillip and Jeffery:

Tristan and Ayrton:


Provocation: Letters to Jesus

Provocation with Buddies: Who do YOU think God is?


  • Terese – I am grateful for helping my buddy
  • Phillip – I am grateful for being able to build a church with my friends on Minecraft
  • Tyrese – I am grateful for
  • Georgiana – I am grateful for being able to visit the MUDLA
  • Deng – I am grateful for the school because the school is multicultural and not just one race and everyone is together
  • Nhi – I am grateful for spending a day with my buddy
  • Riya – I am grateful for Mr Globby my friend
  • Sam – I am grateful to have Levi as a friend
  • Kayla S – I am grateful for my life and to be around kind people
  • James M – I am grateful for using Teamwork
  • Ayrton – I am grateful for making our Minecraft Church in Minecraft and an Obama God in Fire Alpaca
  • Grace – I am grateful for being able to see our buddies
  • Jamie – I am grateful for the teachers for letting us make the Minecraft Church and to build with my friends
  • Aaron – I am grateful for my friends

We watched a farewell video recorded by Father Shibu. 

Thank you for an engaging and enlightening day. Have a lovely weekend! See you next week for our last week of school! 🙂 

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