Terrific Tuesday 27th July Week 2 Term 3


Grammar Warm Up

This morning we warmed up our literacy minds with a quick game of Scattergories. Children tested their knowledge of the amount of words they knew starting with the letter rolled for different categories. The game encourages children to explore nouns.

Readers Notebook – Expression

Through readers notebook, we have begun exploring the Reading strategy of Expression. Expression is a crucial reading skill to develop in order to build fluency, and take on the role of particular characters within a text. This enables us to understand the emotions they are thinking/feeling when comprehending the deeper meaning of the text.

Linking in with our Writers Notebook theme of Poetry, today we explored Acting, and re-enacting a scene from one of Shakespeare’s most famous plays, Romeo and Juliet! The goal of the lesson was to express emotion through portraying different characters, and how acting these emotions out, will build the confidence to be expressive when reading texts we explore.

Children worked collaboratively and showed immense bravery to showcase their developing acting skills, through expressing emotion.

Prayer – Meditation Scripture

Today we explored Scripture through meditation, as we engaged with ‘A Walk in Faith’.

Is Jesus living today?

Yafet – He is not physically alive by is with us in Spirit

Stefan – He lives in heaven

Billy – Jesus is in our hearts and mind


10x tables

Today we explored our 10x tables and practicing reciting them through written repetition and a class song.

We extended our knowledge in moving towards Multiplying and Dividing by 10, 100 and a 1000.



Children continued enhancing their Touch Football skills with Mr Pearce.


HASS – Geography


Children continued working through their learning exploring Australia in relation to countries within Asia. The aim today was for children to engage in inquiring about Sacred Spaces within these countries whether it be from a temple, church, or sacred grounds. Children used their developing inquiry skills to locate sacred areas and investigate the importance of these spaces. Noting the many different Religions which are worshiped and believed around the world.

Children were then extended to compare similarities and differences between the spaces they had researched, and one of Adelaide’s most iconic churches. Questioning the true characteristics that makes each space unique, sacred and special.

Have a safe and peaceful night!

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