Tremendous Thursday October 22- Week 2 Term 4

Tremendous Thursday October 22!


We began our morning with a stamina reading session. We use this time to practice reading strategies focused on in class such as chunking and re-reading. This is also a time where teachers conduct reading conferences with different children.


Today we continued our exploration of angles! It was incredible to hear the children brainstorm the different types and where we see them in the environment. We put on our friendly competitive hats and played an angle based Kahoot quiz before recording our learning’s in our maths book. 



What did we find enjoyable and why? 

  • Lia – I liked the acting and dancing because it showed how motivated they were!
  • Deng – I really liked the Olympics because it motivated the students and made them join in!
  • Riya – The interactions where they got the students active
  • Billy – How we got to pick teams and chant because it was fun and energetic
  • Ayrton – I liked the dinosaur part with me in it
  • Yafet – The part where people got to stand up
  • Hong-Phuc – The actors acting

We rated the performance 6 out of a possible 7 stars as a class!


Thank you to Alex M, Alex R and James M who led us in fitness today. Their game was called Elimination Tag. 


  • Protons are positive shared Anthony
  • Electrons are negative said Alex R 
  • Rachael  – That means neutrons are neutral
  • Yafet – You need all of those to make electricity

We explored different symbols for Electrical Circuits before creating our own virtual circuits!

See you tomorrow for Book Week Dress-Up Day! 

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