Think Outside the Box Thursday – Term 1 Week 5

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Think Outside the Box Thursday

This morning the children entered the classroom and engaged in their weekly Think Outside the Box provocations. During this time, there was an abundance of creativity, collaboration, curiosity and love of learning exhibited as each child explored the creativity in forms of drawings and riddles. 


Literacy Rotations

We continued on with our literacy rotations this morning. It is been incredible to witness students using their agency and completing some of these activities at home or even when they get a spare minute at school!

Our week 5 rotations are as follow;

  • Visual Literacy – BTN online surrounding Corona Virus
  • Word Knowledge
  • Boy Overboard
  • Guided Reading with the teacher
  • Reading Comprehension


In numeracy today, the children continued exploring their place value with a game known as Place Value Domination! Children were in partners and had to battle with one another to roll a virtual dice on Active Inspire, and place the number where they saw fit to create the larger number! Children were immersed in being able to challenge one another, and problem solve through the process.

After this children were treated to a Kahoot quiz surrounding number lines including positive and negative numbers.

Humanities and Social Sciences – Migration

This afternoon we started exploring ‘Migration’ which ties into our class novel, Boy Overboard! The children have a small introduction to the word, then used think, pair, share time to create answers for the provocations above.

After our discussions, the children were given a provocation to take home in exploring their migration story. Please feel free to share your story with you child.

Goodbye all, have a wonderful evening!

Tremendous ‘Shrove’ Tuesday! Wk 5 Term 1

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Day plan

Kahoot Learning

After yesterdays initial learning about the Earth, and the different layers that make the earth whole. The children showcased their learning in multiple ways, with a few groups deciding to create Kahoot quizzes to showcase their learning and understanding. Being the flexible learning community we are, this morning was spent engaging in the learning the groups had created, and as a class we all tried to navigate our way through their quizzes! There was an enormous amount of collaboration and teamwork that went into making these creations successful.

Shrove Tuesday Provocation

Today being Shrove Tuesday, as a learning community we delved into the true meaning behind the day, and why this is an important celebration within the Catholic Religious calendar. Children entered in discussions, having a yarn about their knowledge and understanding of Shrove Tuesday, before reflecting on ways we as a learning community can give to people less fortunate than us this Lent season.

Dining Hall Shared Lunch

In celebration of Shrove Tuesday, our learning community had our first Dining Hall experience for 2020! Marked by the special celebration of Shrove Tuesday, children truly embraced what is meant by eating all the rich food within a house hold prior to Lent beginning! The abundance of energy and excitement the children had during our time sharing a meal together was electric. The children were truly thankful and appreciative of the amazing food they were provided and a big thank you goes to Susan and Sue in the Canteen for providing us all with such delicious meals 🙂

Literacy Rotations

Our rotations will be made up of 5 different activities.  First, a Visual Literacy activity which is completed on the laptop using technology. Some weeks this may be a BTN connected to things happening in the world, other times different online based comprehensions. There will be a Word Knowledge activity which will aim to support children’s grammar and writing skills. Another rotation will be based around our Class Novel Boy Overboard. Our fourth rotation will come in the form of a Reading Comprehension completed in our literacy journals. Lastly there is a Guided Reading group in which students will read with the teacher. This allows the teachers to hear all students read at least once a week and also a time to work on reading aloud strategies including; volume, expression, frequency etc. On Friday’s in Independent Learning Time we will be making sure all rotations have been completed. This means some students may choose to work on these activities at home if not completed in class time.

Our week 5 rotations are as follow;

  • Visual Literacy – BTN online surrounding Corona Virus
  • Word Knowledge
  • Boy Overboard
  • Guided Reading with the teacher
  • Reading Comprehension

Fabulous Friday! Wk 4 Term 1

Hi everyone,

Welcome to another Friday! As week four draws to a close, we reflected on the week that has been!


This morning we witnessed a hilarious assembly lead by 3JW and 4GM! They took us on a magical adventure trying to navigate and find ‘The Lost Kingdom’. The shared and showcased their learning beautifully, as they added humor, creativity and kept us as audience members intrigued into what was going to happen next!

Free Fitness

Contractions Bingo

After recess, the children came together for a yarn, to discuss their understanding of contractions. The children played a game of ‘Contractions Bingo’ with Miss Battifuoco, before engaging in multiple provocations helping guide them through creating a greater understanding of these contractions.

Place Value Wipe out

Comntinuing on with our place value learning, the children testing themselves across all units, in decreasing a number of their choice to zero! Children collaborated together, and shared their learning whilst using their problem solving skills.

Have an amazing weekend everyone! Stay safe!

Wondering Wednesday 19th February Wk 4 Term 1

Welcome to our day together!!

Play Based Investigations

This morning the children engaged in our weekly play based investigations!
Across the four classrooms, children extended their knowledge in the area of STEM, Creativity, Technology and Art! More importantly the abundance of positive energy within our learning space was incredible to witness! As children used teamwork, collaboration, perseverance, sense making and really expressed their love of learning.


With this week celebrating International Mother Tongue Language Day! Our prayer was reflective of the differences we all have, but how we are a learning community where everyone belongs.

Children Reflections:

Jai – It would be a bit boring if we were all the same

Charlie – It is okay to be different

Riya – Everyone belongs

Lia – You are unique in your own ways

Ruby – Respecting others

Jai – Kindness

James M – Living in harmony

Jai – Do not fight

Play Based Investigations Reflections

After recess the children spent time reflecting on their learning from this mornings play based investigations. Children responded to the questions, promoting deeper thinking about the investigations explored, new learning, and where they want to further extend their knowledge and understanding in an area of interest.


This afternoon, Mrs Harrison introduced us to the Art form of Pop Art. The children were immersed in creating their pieces of art and used their imagination to explore this through areas of strength. The artwork is fun, bright, colourful and really pops! Children had the opportunity to either draw their creations in the learning journal, or through their laptops.

Hope everyone has a safe night! 🙂

Think Outside the Box Thursday – 13th of February

Hello everyone,

Welcome to another Think Outside the Box Thursday!

Think Outside the Box Thursday

This morning the children entered the classroom with a spark and aurora about them as they began working on their morning provocations. This morning children had an image to complete, and multiple riddles to solve! Their creativity, collaboration, perseverance and imagination was evident as children navigated their way through solving their learning. Can you solve the riddles?

Boy Overboard

Our adventure continued in ‘Boy Overboard’ today as we explored Chapters 4 and 5. Following on from Chapter 3, we encountered a sticky situation where Bibi was in a dangerous situation. Jamal used multiple character strengths to navigate their way out of this predicament and was able to get them all too safety. The following questions were discussed in small groups.


Today in prayer we explored a Gospel Reading from Luke 19:1-10. Children then viewed an animation of this Gospel.

Jesus and Zacchaeus

19 He entered Jericho and was passing through. And behold, there was a man named Zacchaeus. He was a chief tax collector and was rich. And he was seeking to see who Jesus was, but on account of the crowd he could not, because he was small in stature. So he ran on ahead and climbed up into a sycamore tree to see him, for he was about to pass that way. And when Jesus came to the place, he looked up and said to him, “Zacchaeus, hurry and come down, for I must stay at your house today.” So he hurried and came down and received him joyfully. And when they saw it, they all grumbled, “He has gone in to be the guest of a man who is a sinner.” And Zacchaeus stood and said to the Lord, “Behold, Lord, the half of my goods I give to the poor. And if I have defrauded anyone of anything, I restore it fourfold.” And Jesus said to him, “Today salvation has come to this house, since he also is a son of Abraham. 10 For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.”

Upon reflecting on the Gospel reading, and viewing the video, children discussed what they observed, and how Jesus showed love.

Riya – Jesus showed love by helping the tax collector understand right from wrong

Jai – Jesus showed love by forgiving him

The essence of the Gospel reading, was to understand that Jesus loves everyone, even when it may seem hard, love is still shared with all.

As a learning community we started to create our own Valentines day cards. To show our loved ones how much we appreciate all they do for us, and the love we have for them.


Terrific Tuesday 11th of February Term 1 Wk 3

Hi everyone,

Welcome to terrific Tuesday! 🙂

The weather certainly engaged in the children in their learning today as they entered our learning community with an abundance of energy, ready to tackle our fun filled day of learning!

Boy Overboard

This morning we continued to share our classroom text together, Boy Overboard. As a class we read through Chapters 2 and 3, before entering into some group related discussions and comparisons regarding information from the text, and analyzing this with our own lives.  Children have both chapters within the flip chart also containing the provocations about the text.


Keeping with the them ‘Love’ this week in the lead up to Valentines Day. For Prayer today, children were asked to mindfully watch, listen and reflect on the song ‘Where is the Love?’.

After viewing the film clip, the children entered in a discussion about what they saw, heard and felt during the video clip.

Character Profiles

This afternoon, the children continued to develop their narrative based stories, and added an element to their stories to enhance the descriptive nature in which will make their product more engaging for the reader. Our class community started to develop their own Character Profiles for those who have featured in their narratives thus far.

Children helped me in creating my own character profile, before exploring their own way of allowing their characters come to life through words and visuals. You may wish to ask them a little bit about their characters, and the reasons as to why they may have created them the way they did.

Have a wonderful evening!

TERRIFIC Thursday 6th of February – Week 2 Term 1

Top of the morning to you bloggers!

Welcome to terrific Thursday!

Daily Planner

Think Outside the Box Thursday

This morning we started our day off with our weekly, Think Outside the Box. Today the children were given two provocations. One in which children had to navigate their way through creating an answer for a riddle. Although there was an answer for both riddles, the aim of the provocation was to see the thinking and planning behind the children’s answers and how they came to their conclusion. Test yourself with your child, see what you may perceive the answers to be 🙂 The second provocation was a drawing activity where the children used the creativity, imagination to create an image that could not be a smile.

Safety Plans

Through our learning with ‘Berry Street’, we have understood the importance of being connected with our emotions and knowing it is okay to show them in a positive light. In doing so, as a learning community, each member today created their own safety plan for when they may be feeling sad, angry, anxious, they have a support network they can turn to, to help de-escalate them in that moment.

Empty Jar Activity – Values

Is the jar empty?

Half of the class responded with empty, and half with full. The jar was of course empty.

Jar Filled with Rocks

Is the jar full or empty?

The children responded that the jar is now full as no more rocks could fit within the jar.

Yafet started to add matchsticks to the rock filled jar.

Is the jar full?

Once again the class suggested the jar was indeed full. As nothing else could fit.

Is the jar full?


Charlie began to fill the remaining space in the jar with sand.

Once again the children signified the jar was indeed full.

What do you think the message of filling the jar may be?

Rachael – That we all connect together in one piece

Paxton – You can always fit something in it

Tristan – We can always belong

Kayla R – Teamwork

Riya – All your happiness doesn’t end you can always add to it

Deng – You can connect with anything

Moral behind the story…

The jar was filled with rocks being the biggest and most important things such as family, friends, love, support, food and water. There was room for matchsticks to be added, which symbolised things that make your life great, but you really don’t need them to live and be happy. The next level was the sand which is even less important like junk food etc.