Investigations Week 7

Kaitlyn: I learnt that if you put too much icing sugar in an icing mix that it would go sandy and grainy

Matios: I learnt that olive preservation is a lot of fun to make

Shiv: Dylan and I thought a bit of humour would be fun so we created an Illuminati with the nails and wool

Izzy: We learnt how to write a resume and how it will help me in the future

Joseph: I went to pick the black olives to preserve and we had to put them in hot water for 5 minutes, then we added salt and squeezed lemon juice into the bucket as well.

Mehtaab: I enjoyed creating my own resume

Francis: Whilst preserving olives, I learnt about the 3 olives that we have grown at school, Kalamata Olives, Spanish Olives and Verdale Olives

Adrian: I learnt how operate an Ozobot

Kiara: I enjoyed learning how to code the Ozobots and what I have to do to code them and how they respond to different colours


As June 4th 2017 was Pentecost, Students explored the significance of this event in the Catholic Church. They were able to make links and connects with the 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit with the 24 character strengths and how they show these gifts/examples in their own lives.


In Health we have been exploring healthy relationships in our life.

Have a look at what the students brainstormed:

We discussed what a healthy relationship involves and how to spot unhealthy relationships and introduced them to term frenemy. We will continue to explore this topic and different strategies that can be used in such situations.

Money and Finance

Over the last few weeks students have busy planning, budgeting and organising dinner parties, exploring GST and looking at how to calculate percentage sales of 10%, 25% and 50% and how to compare prices to get the best value for money.

It has been great to see the students applying their skills in real life activities. 

Excursion to Baps Shri Swaminarayan Mandir

Today 6/7NB, RG & JW visited the BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir (Temple). The students were greeted by volunteers from the local community who welcomed them warmly before a presentation about the hindu religion. Students were taken on guided tours of the Mandir before enjoying recess in the gardens of the temple. It was a great experience with student’s curiosity and engagement noticeable throughout the visit. Interestingly the whole temple was built by hindu community volunteers with all building materials fully imported from India. The hindu community members were very proud of the Mandir and were more than accommodating in sharing it with us. Students came back to class and commenced a research project into the hindu religion where using their 100 languages they have made a presentation about either hindu beliefs, festivals or rituals. A big thank you to the parent helpers Rosie and Fil who came along to assist us with the excursion. Have a look below at some snaps from the day.




Hi All,

Please remember to return the following consent forms by this FRIDAY 9th June

  • 6/7 Camp consent – final payment not due until Friday of week 8
  • 6/7 Hindu Temple excursion consent


With the excursion to the Hindu Temple happening next Tuesday 13th June (Week 7) it is of high importance that these forms are returned ASAP.

Without returned consent forms children are unable to participate in events such as excursions and camps so it is of utmost importance that these forms are returned to Mr Bartold by this FRIDAY to avoid students missing out on some wonderful learning opportunities.

5/6MN your camp consent should also be returned by this FRIDAY to Mrs Norris.



The Ancient Mediterranean World

Today students were introduced to their latest inquiry project. Students were particularly excited about the opportunity to discover and research an ancient world but were more excited about the way they will be presenting their learning. Students are creating an accurate reflection of a day in the life of their chosen ancient world using the program Minecraft. Students will deliver a multimodal presentation providing an iMovie “walk through” of their world with commentary and explanation on life during these time. We are excited about how the students can incorporate their learning through a platform such as Minecraft.


Mission Day

A wonderful afternoon was had by all the students as they spent time running their arcade games and having opportunities to have a look at what other classes had on offer. Pleasingly the day managed to raise $4828 for the charities Loreto Vietnam, Fred’s Van and Catherine House. Well done everyone!