Bring on 2017!

It was great to finally meet all the students today. We had a wonderful day getting to know each other and settling back into school routines.

One activity students enjoyed was the ice breaker game: Two Truths and One Lie. It gave them a chance to get to know their peers and teachers.


Throughout the day we discussed some shared expectations for our class this year. We spoke about routines, new areas in the school and the laptop system.

Several important notices were also sent home today.

  • Parent Information Booklet (this provides you with the routines/expectations/notices/reminders etc. to help you and your child be organised for the school year)
  • Making Learning Visible (permission slip to be SIGNED AND RETURNED regarding use of your child’s photo/work in publications or on the blog)
  • Laptop Agreement form (to be SIGNED AND RETURNED)

If you need any assistance or have any questions, please do not hesitate to come and see or contact us.

Mr. Snell’s Laptop Reminders

  • Keep shell on at all time (no removal of shells to personalise)
  • Close laptops when moving around the class/school
  • No food and drink around the laptops, at home and at school
  • No personal chargers to be brought to school. Charge over night
  • Damage: Any damages must be reported immediately
  • Laptops to be left in the room in the designated storage spot, NOT to be left in the lockers
  • Log in at school for the beginning of each day. This refreshes all the programs and gets your laptop working

Welcome to 2017

Welcome to the 2017 school year. We hope you all had a happy holiday and are all rejuvenated for the exciting journey ahead. We look forward to a wonderful year with lots of learning, opportunities and experiences.


Monday January 30th, Week 1: Reception/ Yr 1 students start

Tuesday January 31st, Week 1: All students back at school

Week 2: Parent Information Evening (specific date to be advised)

Thursday 9th February, Week 2: Class Mass – ‘Ask and you Shall receive’ (6/7NB, 6/7RG, 6/7JW)

Thursday 16th, Week 3: Class Mass – ‘Love Everyone’ (5/6MN, 5/6E, 5/6PN)

Friday 31st March, Week 9: Sport’s Day

Week 10: Parent Teacher/Student Interviews

Thursday 13th April, Week 11: Term 1 Ends

Friday 14th April, Week 11: Good Friday