Lenten Journey

Today we explored the meaning behind ‘Shrove Tuesday’. We discovered the reasons of Ash Wednesday and what Lent signifies. We read the scripture from Matthew’s Gospel about the Temptation of Jesus.

After exploration, we started to create our own lenten journey where we chose different elements to pray, fast and serve for each week to make our lent journey more meaningful and authentic. Here were some ideas.



Sports Uniform

Over the next four weeks (weeks 5 – 8) we ask that students wear their uniforms on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

5/6MN have the opportunity to participate in a Badminton clinic and 6/7NB will partake in organised fitness/P.E activities.

Wednesday Physical education lessons will still continue as usual.

Library Time

Today in the library we read the book: Flood written by Jackie French.

It was a nice story about people coming together during and after a natural disaster to help each other out and to offer hope.

When reading the blurb, we also recognised that it was a good example of ‘show not tell’ about the flood.

Show NOT tell

Over the past few weeks, we have been working with the students to develop their descriptive writing. We have explored descriptive writing when developing a character and when describing a setting in a story. In order to continue developing and extending their writing, today we introduced the students to multi-sensory description. We reinforced to the students the importance of growing their skills by remembering to show us what they are trying to tell us, rather than just telling us. We have definitely seen a growth in their writing.


Friday’s investigations were a lot of fun. There were some changes to the activities and the students were really engaged and it was great to see where they took their learning.

Health Survivor Challenge

Last week in Health we began our Survivor challenge. Each week to explore the character strengths students will participate in activities that encourage teamwork. Students were randomly placed into groups/tribes and their first task was to create a team name, describe the reason for their team name and then design a team logo and flag. Have a look at the tribe names formed.

Running Stamina

As you may remember several posts ago, 5/6MN and 6/7NB have been working on our reading stamina. Today we worked on our running stamina and will continue to do so throughout this term, and the year. To do this students will run laps of the oval and record the amount of laps covered each week. The student’s goal is to try and beat their previous weeks results, even if by a few steps, a few metres or a lap or two. Mrs. Norris and Mr. Bartold are also joining in on the journey to increase their running stamina with the students. 

Fish Farm Logos

In art we talked, discussed and explored logos. We discussed what features make a logo stand out and the elements that designers take into consideration when creating a logo, such as colour, line, texture etc.

With the establishment of the new fish farms at our school, we thought it would be fitting to design a logo that would represent it.

Students were given the following task:

They were excited with this task and jumped on board with lots of creativity. We encouraged the students to use their 100 languages to be as original and creative as possible. We can’t wait to see what they come up with.