Information for Sports Day

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Holy Family’s Sports Day for 2017 will be held on Tomorrow Friday 31 March (Week 9) between 12:00pm and 4:00 pm. Sports Day is held at Creaser Park (Lavender Drive, Parafield Gardens) just minutes from the school.

Students may arrive at school in SPORTS UNIFORM or Team coloured appropiate clothing with HAT and WATER BOTTLE from 11.30am afterhaving lunch at home.

Students will be signed in by their classroom teacher at 12.00pm and walked to Creaser Park as a group to begin the day at approximately 12:30pm. Since we are off-site teachers will require at least 2 parent helpers for each class to walk down to Creaser Park and help out with track-side duties during the day.

Out of Hours School Care is available to take bookings for students requiring care in the morning 6.30am – 12pm. Please contact OHSC to make a booking.

Students who usually attend After School Care will return to school with their classroom teacher at the close of events from which time they will be under the supervision of the OHSC staff as usual.

As we aren’t on school grounds we need to make sure every student is accounted for at the end of the day. Parents and care providers will need to personally see your child’s class teacher at the end of the day to collect your child and sign a roll to ensure you have your child in your care. It is an expectation that all students remain at Creaser Park until the presentations have concluded. Any student that is not signed off at the end of the day will be assumed ‘missing’ and further actions will be taken in this case. We will not be returning to school so students will need to be picked up at 4:00pm from Creaser Park.

Persuasive Text

Today we explored some other strategies/techniques used in persuasive text such as the use of pronouns, the rule of three, exaggeration and emotive language. Students continued writing their expositions implementing and editing their work to include some of the new strategies learnt. We have also been reinforcing the structure of persuasive text.

Persuasive Writing

Today we went into depth about the structure of a persuasive text. We revisited the use of modality in our writing to convince our readers.

Students were asked to convince us as the teachers to read the book titled “DO NOT OPEN THIS BOOK” by Andy Lee, considering their language use and the structure.

We will continue to strengthen the students understanding and different literary techniques used to persuade readers.

Parent Teacher Interviews

A reminder to book a time in with your student’s teacher for Parent Teacher Interviews which will be held in week 10. Please refer to the note that was sent home with your child for further instructions on how to book a time, then head to the website


Have a great weekend 🙂

Sports Captains 2017

Today the sports captains were announced to the 6/7 cohort. Well done to all those who nominated for captaincy, it was wonderful to see so many students eager to represent their house. The following students were successful in their nomination for their respective houses and have been appointed captains for 2017.


Lily Cowan (RG)

Jayden Huynh (RG)


Alexander Nguyen (JW)

Felicia Davies (RG)


Dennis Amale (JW)

Aliya Watkins (NB) 


Danika Hurst (JW)

Matios Devaja (NB)