Catching up with our buddies

Please click on the two links below to see what 6/7NB and 5/6MN have been up to with their buddy classes recently. We are really enjoying getting to know our buddies and work collaboratively with the younger students from R/1AM and R/1MS.


6/7NB –

5/6MN –


Book Reviews in the Library

Today during our library time we explored the story “My Friend Tertius”. What we really liked about this story was the detail that the author presented the readers. It was great that the students recognised this as we have discussed as a class the importance of detailed description of both setting and characters in our own writing. After the story was read as a class we worked on writing a book review. Have a look at some of the responses we had to this book.

Character Strength Spotting

Today students were asked to ‘spot character strengths’ that they have witnessed from their peers, in words or actions or gestures. It gave the students a chance to get to know their peers better and be more aware of others positive traits. This opportunity also gave each individual a chance to deepen their understanding of the character strengths too.

Have a go at home and see if you can ‘strength spot’ in others.

Catholic Identity at HFCS

Today we explored the pillar of Catholic Identity at our school and what this means. Using the descriptions on the schools homepage, we were able to understand further the elements that our school encompasses.

Students were asked to design a billboard of what Catholic identity means to them at our school.