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Today during our library time we explored the story “My Friend Tertius”. What we really liked about this story was the detail that the author presented the readers. It was great that the students recognised this as we have discussed as a class the importance of detailed description of both setting and characters in our own writing. After the story was read as a class we worked on writing a book review. Have a look at some of the responses we had to this book.

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2 thoughts on “Book Reviews in the Library

  1. Hello students,
    I came across your reviews tonight at my computer. My name is Corinne Fenton and I’m the author of My Friend Tertius. It was very interesting to read all your comments and I’m pleased you enjoyed the story. One thing I would like to point out is that Tertius wasn’t a monkey – he was a gibbon which is the smallest member of the ape family and therefore does not have a tail, as do all types of monkeys. This could be another subject to discuss in class with your teacher. Please thank her or him for choosing my book to read. Best wishes to you all, Corinne Fenton

    • Hi Corrine,

      Thanks for the comment on our blog. Thank you for clarifying that Tertius was indeed a Gibbon. The students were intrigued to learn the difference between a Gibbon and a monkey. We really enjoyed reading your book, thank you for making our learning interesting.

      In Kindness,
      56 MN & 67NB

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