This year, the NAPLAN test was initially to be conducted online, however due to the Australian Government’s concern over the online system’s capacity to handle the heavy traffic associated it has been decided that the paper test will be rolled out nation wide. Whilst disappointing that our students are denied the opportunity to conduct the test online, we are pleased that the NAPLAN will run glitch free and that in the future we will again be ready and prepared for an online version.

Here is a link to a demo site online:

Please try this at home with your children so that they become familiar with the layout of the site.

Science Inquiries DUE TOMORROW

Students have been working on their personal inquiries associated with science.

Year 6’s: extreme weather and Natural Disasters

Year 5’s/7’s: sun, moon, earth, space

Students came up with 10 questions of interest and they will be using their 100 languages to present their researched information in a form that they wish.

We can’t wait to see what they come up with.

Numeracy Revision

Today in numeracy we asked the students to create their own Kahoot quizzes as a way of reflecting on the learning that they have done so far this term and once completed invite the other students to take part in the interactive quiz. One of our school’s values is sharing and this Kahoot quiz is a wonderful opportunity for our students to share their learning with each other as they involve themselves and are facilitators in each others learning. It was so awesome to see.

Science Inquiry

We have commenced research into our science inquiry’s. Over the last week we have been developing 10 questions that interest us and allow us to delve into the scientific reasons behind certain phenomena. The year 5 and 7 students are investigating Space – Earth, Sun, Moon while the year 6 students are investigating Extreme weather conditions. Using our 100 languages we will present our learning in a variety of different ways. Below are some photo’s of our progress through the research stage. 







Sports Day

Congratulations to all student who participated in Sports Day today. We saw great spirit, teamwork, sense of fairness and support of each other. Well done!

A big thank you to all parents, caregivers and grandparents who came along to cheer the kids on and to support the teachers.


1st – Yellow (Franklin)
2nd – Blue (Travers)
3rd – Green (O’Loughlin)
4th – Red (O’Sullivan)

Exposition Writing

Below are the different strategies students have been busy learning and trying to implement into their writing to improve their persuasive text.


We shared an example of an exposition to reinforce the structure of a persuasive text and to additionally reinforce the use of some of the above strategies to make arguments stronger.