Investigations Week 7

Kaitlyn: I learnt that if you put too much icing sugar in an icing mix that it would go sandy and grainy

Matios: I learnt that olive preservation is a lot of fun to make

Shiv: Dylan and I thought a bit of humour would be fun so we created an Illuminati with the nails and wool

Izzy: We learnt how to write a resume and how it will help me in the future

Joseph: I went to pick the black olives to preserve and we had to put them in hot water for 5 minutes, then we added salt and squeezed lemon juice into the bucket as well.

Mehtaab: I enjoyed creating my own resume

Francis: Whilst preserving olives, I learnt about the 3 olives that we have grown at school, Kalamata Olives, Spanish Olives and Verdale Olives

Adrian: I learnt how operate an Ozobot

Kiara: I enjoyed learning how to code the Ozobots and what I have to do to code them and how they respond to different colours

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