Today students commenced a new topic in literacy. We will be exploring the genre of biography. Students will use their research skills to uncover the necessary information to write a biography of a famous/historical figure of their choice. Below is an outline of the task that students will be working towards over the next couple of weeks as well as some modelled questions that will assist them in writing the genre of biography.


Immersing ourselves in nature

Upon reflection this evening my attention was captured by this thought that some of the most memorable and powerful moments at school are made when we allow the children to explore the natural surroundings that we are fortunate to have within and around the school grounds. There is much more to learning than being in a classroom and this afternoon was a prime example of why this is the case. I was unable to be with my class today but am very thankful and grateful for Miss McCarthy who invited students from her reception class and 6/7NB to spend the afternoon in Grevillia Reserve to explore and continue to build relationships. Below are some photos of the wonderful time that was had by all and a reflection from Miss McCarthy of what she observed.

Miss McCarthy: Although my days are often filled with many Specks of Gold.  I would like to take the time to reflect on a moment that took place this afternoon between students from 6/7 NB and R/1 AM. While exploring in Log Park and Grevillia Reserve, I was able to observe the children immerse themselves in nature and let their creativity and imaginations run wild as they all worked together to climb the same tree. Lead by the students in 6/7 there was encouragement, teamwork, communication, persistence, bravery and fun!!


Design and Technology

Students have been investigating the history of a range of inventions that have helped improve the lifestyles and conveniences of life. This investigation has lead to students exploring their own possible inventions that are inspired by innovation and progression. Below are some examples of the timelines produced.

Writer’s Notebook

This morning students continued to work on their writer’s notebook. Students are still developing their stories and are currently focusing on identifying the different noun groups that exist in their writing. It is great to see how all the stories are taking shape and how students have transferred their learning of nouns, adjectives and punctuation has improved the quality of their writing.


Six Word Stories

After working to develop vocabulary and punctuation for emphasis for the last couple of weeks, the students have now published their own six word stories. It has been really pleasing to see how the students have worked to enhance their stories through self editing and through the application of strategies that help make their stories meaningful, mysterious and full of inferred meaning. Have a look below at the work that has been created.

SAPSASA Basketball

On Wednesday a group of students participated in both the boys and girls basketball tournament. The day was a filled with mixed results, however, most pleasingly was the way that each player grew in confidence as the tournament went on. We often talk about having a growth mindset and displaying resilience when confronted by difficult or unfamiliar circumstances and I think occasions such as this really highlight just how students at Holy Family are willing to give things a go and have fun, all the while with a smile on their faces. Well done to all those involved.