Narrative Planning

In writer’s notebook this term, 5/6EH and MS have been generating many ideas for possible story ideas. Today we began planning our story by visually showing what our orientation, setting, problem and solution would be. Next week we will begin our writing process. We are looking forward to sharing the many creative stories with you.



Last Friday 5/6EH and 5/6MS had their very first assembly. Our theme was “Movie Extravaganza.”  Behind the scenes we had groups of students making movie trailers, singing, learning a dance and making various movies.

What a fantastic effort by everyone! Here are a few snapshots..

Assembly – Dress Rehearsal

On Thursday Week 4 at 2:30pm,  parents are welcome to attend a special “Dress Rehearsal” of our assembly. If you cannot make this occasion, we endeavour to post a video of our assembly on the blog for you to view. Our theme for our class assembly is “Movie Extravaganza.”