Procedure writing

Here are two great examples of a procedure.


Remember you can be as creative as you Like.


This is Patience and Naomi’s procedure. It has a lot of clear detail and is easy to follow.


The girls used the program Canva, but you can use any program you like.


Just remember to be clear, follow the structure: title, goal/fun facts, materials/equipment/ingredients, method, conclusion/top tips. refer to emails for the template/pdf explaining it all.





Here are some examples of the photography…

Mathematics..making equal quantities..

Here are some examples of today’s maths activity…

notice how Vince has said that he could not make them equal for some and gave the reason because the total was an odd number….


Naomi decided to use decimals and split the odd ones in half so they could be equal…

Here, Bella has used half blocks for those towers with odd numbered totals so they are both equal….

by Naomi

by Cecilia

Here Leah has shown how she made them equal. next step would b e to put them into one equal number statement…ie 5-1=3+1
well done Leah!

Science- examples of evaluation, validity and fairness, real world sections….

Here are some really good examples of the last few sections of a science report….. please keep them coming and I will post our work on this blog.

Mathematics- graphing exponential growth…

Scientists say that the COVD-19 virus spreads exponentially. We know this is really quick, but just how quick? To illustrate this example students at school and at home tried a simple task of continually folding paper in half and counting the number of parts. Some interesting patterns emerged that could be a good illustration of how this virus spreads (although the virus actually spreads a bit faster than this) Everyone has been emailed this activity and the next parts of graphing etc so please check your inbox!  🙂

Here are some examples of the data collected and graphs shown on this topic. The results were quite surprising!

When complete- please try the next activity about how tall a folder piece of paper is IF you could fold it in half 50 times… by the way, most of you will only be able to fold it in half 7 times… it gets as strong as steel if you try more… go ahead, try it out.  :)… but IF you could do it 50 times …how high would the paper be?