Some examples from today’s Cubism Art with Mrs. Harrison




by Leah

Examples of Time capsule responses

Examples from Aaliyah’s response for the first 2 questions. She is creating a Flipchart of her responses.


Shristi, Patience and Naomi are using the program Canva to create a magazine of their responses.

Shylah is creating a poster and is taking cuttings of articles, headlines or anything interesting from newspapers and adding it to her written responses.

These are by Leah

Science- good and bad microorganisms

Everyone by now, has heard of Covid-19 and that it is a nasty microorganism that can spread from person to person easily. But what exactly is a microorganism and are they all bad? Our students all played this game which sorted 3 good microorganisms and 3 bad ones. Students recorded and wrote some information of their own on each as to what makes them harmful or helpful? here are 4 great examples!

Procedure writing

Here are two great examples of a procedure.


Remember you can be as creative as you Like.


This is Patience and Naomi’s procedure. It has a lot of clear detail and is easy to follow.


The girls used the program Canva, but you can use any program you like.


Just remember to be clear, follow the structure: title, goal/fun facts, materials/equipment/ingredients, method, conclusion/top tips. refer to emails for the template/pdf explaining it all.