Science/ STEM electricity,magnetism and circuits

Today students explored circuits using batteries and solar power using play. They also investigated magnets and magnetism. This is important in allowing students to use free flowing play to explore ideas, concepts and build on existing knowledge. The engagement was sky high! Literally.  


Snap circuits were really fun, I discovered that you can connect 2 batteries to one switch to make a buzzer, light bulb and fan work- Luka and Djaran

When the loop touched the coat hanger the buzzer sounded because it completed the circuit

We created a double light bulb with a fan, surprisingly the power of the 2 batteries powered  2 bulbs and a fan- Dominic

The fans got forced upwards because there was too much power- Luka

More batteries make the bulb shine brighter- Leah


No this is not a trick… when the repulsive magnetic force between 2 magnets is exactly equal to the downwards force of gravity, you get a levitating magnet!

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