Masterclass showcase – an amazing culture of learning.

Today 5/6 ND NB showcased their masterclass inquiry learning. The freedom we gave the students in choosing what they wanted to investigate, question and research paid off in spades in the quality learning, amazing displays and the great learning conversations that came from the showcase. 

Here are some buddy reactions after seeing our work…

Tri: I enjoyed the brain cake because it looks like a zombie brain.
Riaan: The rockets. They can, one of them can open.
Armin: I liked the sun.
Andrew: The dolphins in the water that they made in the box – because it looks fun!
Isla: The fox in the box!
Eerat: I liked the x-ray machine.
Abhay: I liked the x-ray machine too.
Williams: The soccer.
Ebony: I liked Shylah’s rugby, the rocket and the country thing.
Shruti: Cameras!
Riva: I saw the brains.
Agamjot: I liked all the rcokets.
Dylan: I liked my buddy’s basketball animation video. There was some real life pictures in the animation too.
Kevin: I liked the x-ray box.
Sahana: I liked the snow and ice thing.
Arnav: I liked the rocket and the x-ray.
Lina: I liked the Lego building.
Anthony: The rocket and animation.