Dining Hall Experience- our first one!

After a wonderful assembly put on by 5/6 ND NB what better way to celebrate but to have a dining hall experience.

Thanks to Susan and Sue in the canteen who made us some delicious pizza, salad and for dessert; cake and ice cream!

It was delicious and the children were great in setting up, dining and cleaning up afterwards. Well done today 5/6s!

A special thanks to Shylah, Shristi, Patience, Naomi for serving the food. Destiny, Marli, Cecilia, Bailey and Asher for helping to set up.

Mathematics- whole number operations- rounding off numbers

The use of number lines is very important to build students’ sense of number and place value when rounding. some students preferred to simply look the the number in the place value column to be rounded and seeing if the digit to the right is a 5 or higher.

Ash Wednesday …

Today our school celebrated Ash Wednesday mass. Ash Wednesday is the start of the Lenten season and signifies Jesus’ time in the desert before Holy Week. when we returned to class we received the ashes upon our foreheads… ‘Turn away from sin and be faithful to the Gospel’…..

Our Rube Goldberg machines are beginning to come alive!

Now students are completing their designs which they may amend along the way and beginning to construct their Rube- Goldberg machines. There is a lot of trying, failing, re-designing and re-making… its all about resilience! Here’s some photos of our progress…..

More Augmented reality

This app is amazing! students have been enjoying creating pictures and bringing them to life using the augmented reality app quiver!

5/6 ND NB IB MS combined play based investigations

Here we go again! some new additions – augmented reality table where colored animals come to life!

Check these out!

Mathematics- using place value and tidy numbers to multiply

Students have been engaging in multiplication skill activities using the concept of place value and using ‘tidy numbers’. a tidy number is like a multiple of ten which may make multiplying numbers easier. They are also using place value partitioning instead of the old vertical algorithm method….



STEM- designing our Rube Goldberg machines!

Today our students put their creativity to work to begin the design phase of a group Rube Goldberg machine. They could use any medium they wanted to design: such as makers empire, active inspire, fire alpaca or hand drawn in their art books. They needed to include a labeled design with a list of resources outlining what they will need such as marbles, dominoes etc… here are some of the designs… students also tested various cause and effect systems out to see if it would fit into their design.