STEM- designing our masterclass infographic

Part of our future showcase for our masterclass in week 10 will include students’ very own infographic created in keynote just like the brilliant light bulbs we created a couple of weeks ago. Here are some works in progress….

Art with Mrs Harrison

Science- growing mold on bread

Today we are thinking about mould and how it might grow on bread. We had a teams chat and a class brainstorm on what variables affect mould growing on bread… we discussed the type of bread, the amount of germs that have come into contact with it…ie washed hands/ unwashed hands, the temperature bread is exposed to, amount of light etc..

Here is what students came up with as well as some ideas for their experiments and investigations….

STEM – using keynote to animate an info-graphic

Students were given the chance to use keynote in a way they probably never have before- to animate. They were given a tutorial video to follow, replicate or create their own animation. Here is a great example below by Djaran – who did this all at home whilst remote learning… there are many more great examples in the works from students in class so stay tuned for more future postings!

more added- well done to Benjamin who did his entirely at home and also to Patience- excellent work !


Click on the following links for some more info graphics using keynote as an animation tool.!

Patience Ainmation

cecilia lightblub

Destiny InfoGraphic

Shristi Light Bulb

Science- good and bad microorganisms

Everyone by now, has heard of Covid-19 and that it is a nasty microorganism that can spread from person to person easily. But what exactly is a microorganism and are they all bad? Our students all played this game which sorted 3 good microorganisms and 3 bad ones. Students recorded and wrote some information of their own on each as to what makes them harmful or helpful? here are 4 great examples!